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An All-Encompassing Guide to Epic Seven for Novices

As you embark on your gaming journey and gradually advance in Epic Seven, you will be provided with:

  • A Level 55 Destruction Set accompanied by a Crit Rate Set
  • A Level 70 Attack Set coupled with a Crit Rate Set
  • The character Free Spirit Tiera
  • Selective ML Summon (with recommended top picks being Arbiter Vildred and Ruele of Light)

Thoes days are gone when you were obliged to pull Angelica for Wyvern right at the game’s outset; she can now be recruited from the tavern at a later stage. As for your initial selection, it is not essential to restrict your choices solely to farmers. There are 3-star units like Lena who can perform the farming role until you possibly opt for Arbiter Vildred as your primary farmer.

However, if you are looking for recommendations, here are a few worth considering:

Vildred: Versatile Asset in Multiple Roles

Even after three years, Vildred remains a potent choice. He can assume the role of your primary farmer from the start, thanks to the free Attack/Crit set. As you progress, Vildred’s relevance extends to PvP arenas and Guild Wars due to his ability to cleave and potentially provide a free speed imprint to your team if you have additional copies of him. Additionally, in Banshee, his capacity to AoE cleave boss minions makes him invaluable.

Sigret: The Wyvern Slayer and PvP Expert

Sigret is an excellent team member for Wyvern given her debuff-loaded skills, making her an asset in Wyvern 13. Her third skill ignores at least 30% defense and can surge to 100% if you stack 7 or more debuffs. Her utility also extends to PvP, where she serves as an efficient anti-reviver.

Destina: The Essential Healer and Reviver

Although once considered mediocre, the recent enhancements to Destina have turned her into a formidable healer, capable of reviving the entire team with her third skill. This feature is especially beneficial in challenging content like Abyss or Labyrinth, where monstrous difficulties increase, posing a threat to your team’s survival.

Iseria: The PvE and PvP All-Rounder

Iseria was my first choice when I initiated my Epic Seven journey. Three years in, and she still retains her relevance. Her second skill lets you reset any skill, providing another opportunity for the unit to use it. She can dispel and inflict defense break with her third skill, making her an ideal choice for dealing with heavily buffed units.

Chloe: PvE Specialist and Wyvern Hunter

Chloe excels as a robust single-target attacker, primarily in PvM content. Her passive second skill applies magic nail, inflicting damage over time and ignoring effect resistance, enabling your entire team to inflict greater damage. She is a frequent choice in Wyvern and Banshee and a suitable replacement for Sigret.

Building Your Wyvern 11-13 Team: A Crucial Phase of the Game

Arguably, one of the most crucial aspects of the early to mid-game is constructing your Wyvern team gradually. The speed and crit rate set is the most commonly used set, providing an advantage in both PvE and PvP. If you have selected either Sigret or Chloe, you need to identify two additional ice units with defense break and potentially extra debuffs. Let’s delve into a few options to kickstart your team.

F2P Units

  • Taranor Guard: Easily accessible, provides a 1-turn defense break at a 75% chance with maxed mola.
  • Alexa: An efficient single-target attacker, inflicts more damage if the enemy is debuffed.
  • Muwi: His first skill inflicts bleeds, the second one debuffs attack down, and the third one breaks the defense.
  • Angelic Montmorancy: A strong tank and healer once she undergoes a specialty change and maxes rune skill.
  • Karin: A powerful single-target attacker and potential primary damage dealer.
  • Clarissa: She can inflict bleed stacks and has a passive second skill that gives her a free AoE attack.
  • Furious: He decreases the gear requirements of your damage dealer by providing a +50% crit rate buff.
  • Angelica: A primary tank that you will acquire eventually from the tavern.
  • Crozet: A potential tank, but necessitates the inclusion of a healer in the team, limiting the team to two attackers.

For Wyvern 11-13, the recommended Artifacts include Daydream Joker for offensive units and Proof of Valor for your frontline tank.

Remember that the team should include 1 DPS, 2 debuffers (with 65% effectiveness), and 1 tank. It’s also important to note that in Wyvern 13, you need to maintain at least 2 debuffs on the Wyvern to ensure he only targets your frontline.

Specialty Change (SC) Units: Evolving Your Characters for PvE

In the initial years of Epic Seven, only Lorina, Kluri, and Church of Ilryos Axe had the option for a Specialty Change. Over the course of three years, additional units were added to this roster. The following units have proven to be highly valuable in PvE content after their Specialty Change.

From Carrot to Researcher Carrot

Following her Specialty Change, Carrot’s abilities take an impressive leap. Her first skill enables her to detonate burns, while her third skill dispels a buff and applies two burns. Along with inflicting indirect damage through her second skill, she also gains a barrier when attacked, significantly enhancing her survivability. If your team requires a non-critical hit reliant attacker, Researcher Carrot is an excellent pick.

Montmorancy Morphs into Angelic Montmorancy

The transformation of Montmorancy into Angelic Montmorancy significantly boosts her abilities, making her invaluable in Wyvern and various PvM content. With her ability to heal and cleanse, coupled with her third skill’s debuff immunity, she’s essentially a budget-friendly Angelica.

Lorina Becomes Commander Lorina

Commander Lorina was an invaluable PvE asset when there was a lack of formidable single-target attackers like Luna or Hwayoung. Her third skill’s damage scales off her opponents’ HP, making her highly effective against bosses. However, her utility may decline if you have multiple single-target attackers in your roster.

Doris Evolves to Magical Scholar Doris

Once her runes are fully upgraded, Doris becomes an excellent light tank, capable of healing and giving defense buffs. Especially handy against dark units and in Arena or Guild Wars, her transformation makes her a viable choice for these combat zones.

Pyllis Transforms into Shadow Pyllis

This Specialty Change provides you with a robust dark tank capable of handling formidable light units. While she may not excel in PvM content, she remains a solid pick for Arena and Guild Wars.

Kluri Transforms into Falconer Kluri

Despite a nerf that reduced her prominence, Falconer Kluri still performs well in PvM content, with her abilities to provoke and apply defense breaks on the enemy. While she isn’t frequently used in PvP, she remains a viable choice for PvM.

A Primer on Gearing Up Your Units

As a newcomer, the process of outfitting your characters might appear convoluted. Here, we simplify this process with an easy-to-follow guideline until you familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics.

For tanks and healers in the early stages, the recommended gear would be:

  • Speed/HP (Speed, HP, HP)
  • HP/HP/HP (Speed, HP, HP)

For DPS units, the gear suggestion would be:

  • Attack/Crit (Atk%, Atk%, Crit Dmg%)
  • Speed/Crit (Atk%, Atk%, Crit Dmg%)

Once your DPS stats can be reached with five gear pieces, you can substitute boots with speed:

  • 3k+ Attack
  • 90%+ Crit Rate
  • 250%+ Crit Dmg

For units that rely on debuffs, you should aim for the effectiveness stat, with 55% effectiveness for Hunt 11 and 65% effectiveness for Hunt 13.

As you amass more gear and enhance its quality, you can start to optimize and distribute the best gear among your top units.

Hunt Progression: Strategically Advancing Through the Game

A majority of players begin with Wyvern as their primary hunt, which is a strategy I strongly endorse. Golem hunt can be beneficial for boosting your DPS units, but the speed and crit set provided by Wyvern proves to be superior overall.

Here’s a typical hunt progression strategy: Wyvern Team -> Banshee or Azimanak -> Caides. With this sequence, Golem can be bypassed as the other hunts such as Banshee, Azimanak, and Caides are more PvP oriented.

You may wonder when to shift your focus to other hunts. My recommendation is to make that move when you can complete Wyvern 13 with an 80% or higher success rate, and have equipped over ten characters capable of completing the story up to chapter 2. At this stage, Banshee or Azimanak could become your new targets.

Banshee offers resist, lifesteal, counter, and destruction sets, while Azimanak provides unity, immunity, and rage sets. Both are beneficial for aspiring PvP arena climbers, with immunity, destruction, and counter sets being the most desirable.

As for Caides, it’s suited for advanced players. The popular sets here are injury and penetration. This hunt becomes relevant when you can gear your characters to high stats without compromising too much on damage or defense.

Story Progression and Selecting Your Moonlight Hero

As you grow stronger, aim to complete the Chapter 1 10-10 scenario to unlock the selective moonlight summon. Your choices include:

  • Arbiter Vildred
  • Specter Tenebria
  • Ruele of Light
  • Dark Corvus
  • Judge Kise

The ideal pick largely depends on your current roster and PvP aspirations.

Arbiter Vildred: An All-Rounder

Arbiter Vildred excels in both PvM and PvP. His S3 attacks quickly without animation unless he has 5 focus. This trait makes him the best farmer and a valuable asset in arena and guild wars. If you’re seeking a versatile attacker capable of handling diverse content, Arbiter Vildred is a top-notch choice.

Specter Tenebria: The PvP Specialist

Specter Tenebria performs well in some PvM content such as Abyss and Labyrinth. However, she primarily shines in PvP, thanks to her passive making her untargetable unless she’s the last one standing.

Ruele of Light: The Defensive Powerhouse

Ruele of Light is an excellent choice if you already possess strong DPS units. Her abilities to revive and provide invincibility prove useful in both PvM and PvP content. However, with Destina’s recent buff, Ruele might not be as necessary for PvM content.

Dark Corvus: The Guild Wars Unit

Dark Corvus is primarily used in guild wars. His S3 extinction ability allows him to banish any unit with his ignore defense S3 that also heals him. Despite this, he isn’t frequently used in other game areas and is considered a luxury PvP unit if you already own Arbiter Vildred.

Judge Kise: The Luxury Pick

Judge Kise, in my opinion, is a luxury pick. She’s primarily used for arena cleaving, contending speed as an opener in RTA, or guild wars. She can be a good farmer in PvM, although Arbiter Vildred supersedes her.

Remember, all these units can assist your gameplay in different ways. So, even if you feel you’ve chosen the ‘wrong’ one, do not despair as each one brings unique advantages to your team.