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A Comprehensive Guide of Abyss in Epic Seven

Epic Seven, a distinctive role-playing game, finds its origins in the innovative minds at Smilegate Megaport. This turn-based marvel, brimming with anime-style characters and enthralling visual effects, keeps gamers engrossed for extended periods.

In the quest-ridden journey of this RPG, gamers are called upon to vanquish an array of monsters. To navigate this challenge, the creation of a heroic team becomes indispensable—prepared to counter various fierce battles.

This combative exercise also nurtures your heroes, enabling them to gain in strength and resilience. Progressing along the journey, a plethora of features and gaming modes become available, pushing your heroes’ mettle to the test, offering more exhilarating challenges, and promising remarkable rewards. Among these engaging game modes, the Abyss holds a special place and is a must-try for every gamer.

The Enigmatic Abyss Mode Explained

The Abyss mode stands as a cornerstone in Epic Seven’s gaming architecture. If you are on the hunt for rare or epic artifacts or items that can amplify your character’s stats, diving into this mode is imperative. However, this mode is not designed to make your journey smoother. With formidable bosses on all 90 floors to defeat, the treasures of the Abyss don’t come easy.

To assist you in this arduous journey, we have curated an Epic Seven Abyss guide. This guide aims to help you conquer the challenging floors with triumph. So, are you ready? Let’s dive in!

The Significance of Units in Abyss Mode

In order to penetrate the challenging labyrinth of Abyss, it’s vital to assemble the best units—adept at resisting and defeating the formidable bosses. This section elucidates the best units to consider when navigating this challenging mode.

The Power of 3-Star Units

Possessing 3-star units while voyaging through Abyss can prove beneficial. Here are the recommended units based on class roles:

Damage Dealers (DPS)
Kiris, Axe God, C. Lorina, and Alexa

M.Hazel, Aither, and A. Montmorancy

Support or Tank Units
F. Kluri, Phylis, Otillie, Requiemroar, and Jecht

Notable among the 3-star units are F.Kluri, A.Montmorancy, C.Lorina, and Kiris—exceptionally useful in Abyss mode. Note that apart from Kiris, these units require substantial investment in specialty changes.

The Advantage of 4-Star Units

If you lean towards utilizing 4-star units in the Abyss, consider the following units categorized by class roles:

Damage Dealers (DPS)
Clarissa, C.Dom, Karin, Cidd, and Silk

Lots, Angelica, and Achates

Support or Tank Units
Dingo, G.Aither, A, Cartuja, Corvus, Schuri, Rin, G. Purgis, S. Rose, Rose, B. Dingo

Cidd and C. Dom stand out in the 4-star units, offering potent single-target DPS in the game. For healers, Angelica is a clear winner, earning her reputation as the premier healer. In general, 4-star units exhibit more power compared to their 3-star counterparts.

The Dominance of 5-Star Units

In the realm of 5-star units, you will encounter a diverse group of robust units. Let’s explore these units according to their class roles:

Single-Target Damage Dealers (DPS)
Ken, Chloe, Cermia, Luna, Baiken, Bellona, Sigret, S. Tenebria, Ravi, Sez, Sol, Kise

Area of Effect Damage Dealers (DPS – AOE)
SS. Bellona, Aramintha, Vildred, ML.Aramintha, Bellona, Sez

Ruele, Destina, and Tamarinne

Support or Tank Units
SS.Bellona, Krau, Diene, Tywin, Lidica, F.Cecilia, Iseria, Charles, and Dizzy

Every 5-star unit mentioned demonstrates exceptional strength and capability to tackle bosses. If you possess 5-star units, it’s prudent to include Tamarinne in your Abyss team, as she provides extensive endurance for Player-versus-Environment (PvE) and significantly lowers gear requirements.

For defense debuffs, consider adding Dizzy and Bellona for their outstanding AoE capabilities, with Bellona enjoying the distinction of being the DPS Queen for Abyss.

If your unit is not listed here, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s unfit for use. To conquer the Abyss, it is essential to construct your units well and upgrade them when possible. However, adhering to the above list will benefit your Abyss expedition significantly, as the listed units offer superior skills according to their role.

Harnessing the Power of Artifacts

Artifacts serve the essential purpose of granting your character an extra combat advantage through unique skills. By employing these artifacts, you can acquire additional health stats and bonus attacks, significantly enhancing your unit’s overall combat effectiveness. Grouped by their star rating, here’s a list of the recommended artifacts for use in the Abyss:

The Potential of 3-Star Artifacts
Oath Key, Daydream Joker, Prophetic Candlestick

The Benefits of 4-Star Artifacts
Wondrous Potion Vial, and Aurius

The Superiority of 5-Star Artifacts
Rod of Amaryllis, Shimandra Staff, and Celestine

When plotting a course through the Abyss, it’s advisable to equip your units with the noteworthy artifacts listed above. Among these, Daydream Joker warrants special attention due to its pivotal role within DPS units. Given the colossal HP of bosses in Abyss mode, Daydream Joker can significantly boost the HP damage inflicted by the DPS.

In an attempt to sustain your units’ vitality, consider employing Soul Weaver artifacts such as Staff, Celestine, Wondrous Potion Vial, and Rod of Amaryllis. These artifacts can enhance healing or eliminate debuffs. For enhancing your team’s endurance, procuring Aurius is imperative, as it absorbs considerable incoming damage from your frontline healer or tank.

Equipping Units for the Abyss

When venturing into Abyss mode, it’s necessary to equip your DPS units with a degree of bulk to ensure survival. Usually, flat stats and natural bulk from left-side gear suffice up to Abyss 58. From there on, supplementary rolls on defensive stats can be beneficial. Upon reaching Abyss 80, an ideal benchmark to aim for is around 700 to 800 defense and 7000 HP. As for Abyss 90, your DPS units should aim to attain 900 defense and 9000 HP.

For most DPS units, the focal point lies in optimizing critical damage and chance, reducing speed, and achieving maximal stats. This can be accomplished effectively with the Daydream Joker. By employing this artifact, you can aspire to achieve close to 100% Critical Chance, 200%+ Critical Damage, and 150 speed—resulting in a formidable DPS unit.

For healers, it’s critical that your units be equipped with high HP and DEF, as they’re recognized for their tank-like attributes and their healing, derived from their own health pool. On the higher Abyss floors, Soul Weaver artifacts with Cleanse, Wondrous Potion Vial, or Immunity offer a significant advantage. These can enable higher speed cycling of turns, ensuring your team remains debuff-free.

Concluding Thoughts

Upon first stepping foot into Abyss mode, the initial floors may not seem overly daunting. However, as you ascend from one floor to the next, the degree of intensity and challenge escalates. Therefore, it’s paramount to keep your units upgraded consistently. Always be on the lookout for the best artifacts to enhance your characters’ performance.

Should your goal be to surmount the towering 90 floors of the Abyss, adhering to this Epic Seven Abyss guide could serve as a robust foundation. Equip your team with the best artifacts and gear to defeat the formidable bosses and monsters that stand in your path.

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