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A Comprehensive Guide to Re-Rolling for Beginners in 2023: Steps, Strategies, and Tier List

Re-rolling, in the context of gaming, refers to the practice of creating a fresh account to secure desired units at the outset. If the desired units remain elusive, the account is either deleted or reset for another attempt.

There are several motivations prompting gamers to re-roll their accounts, such as:

  • Procuring a powerful farmer – a unit possessing strong Area of Effect (AOE) to support weaker units.
  • Securing a unit demonstrating strength in varied content.
  • Acquiring a preferred unit for aesthetic appeal.

The Re-Rolling Process

Before establishing which units to re-roll for, it is advisable to first familiarize oneself with the re-rolling process. Upon finishing the tutorial and completing stage 1-10, you are awarded the ‘selective summon,’ illustrated below.

This grants you ten free summons. You have the freedom to keep these summons or try again, up to a limit of thirty attempts. Additionally, you may use your sky stones – a form of paid currency – for additional summoning attempts.

Should you fail to acquire the desired summons, the option exists to reset your account, enabling a fresh start. To initiate this, tap on the four boxes in the top right corner, followed by the cog icon on the bottom right (as shown below).

Subsequently, click ‘reset server.’ This action erases data for the current server, permitting a new beginning. Be prepared to restart the tutorial and cutscenes, however.

The 5-Star Tier List for Beginners

S Tier – Vildred and Ken

Vildred: Boasting one of the best farming units in the game, Vildred’s AOE abilities make vanquishing weaker monsters a breeze. His auto-use feature with skills switched off reduces stage clearance time, earning him high recommendation.

Ken: A potent unit with capabilities to self-enhance speed, attack, and defence, Ken also offers defence break and stun. His scaling with HP lets him strike a balance between being resilient and inflicting significant damage.

A Tier – Iseria and Ravi

Iseria: Renowned as a future-proof unit, one of Iseria’s abilities resets another ally’s cooldown to zero. She becomes a formidable force when paired with a unit that can exploit the cooldown. However, it’s advisable to not explicitly aim for her, despite her prowess in the mid to late game.

Ravi: Much like Ken, Ravi is a self-sustaining bruiser, capable of dealing substantial damage while also maintaining robust defences. She can serve as your farmer, albeit a slower one at clearing out monsters.

B Tier

Units in the B Tier are viable candidates for re-rolling. However, those falling into C and D Tiers should ideally be avoided due to their niche uses, superior alternatives, and underperformance in Player vs Environment (PVE) and Player vs Player (PVP) settings.

Controversially, Basar falls into the D Tier. His limitations for beginners include requiring a maxed book for soul burn S3 (typically inaccessible for beginners or even mid-players), being essentially useful only in PVP, and having less impact in PVE content than easier-to-obtain units.

Further Considerations

The 5-star heroes listed above represent the only ones available from the selective summon. Other 5-stars must be won through the covenant summon or banner, where sky stones may be utilized.

Each ten summon only yields one 5-star, applicable to artifacts as well, thereby preventing the acquisition of more than one 5-star hero or a 5-star hero and one-star artifact simultaneously.

5-star artifacts are not ideal targets for re-rolling since a 5-star hero proves more useful and is more challenging to acquire than an artifact. Note that 4 and 5-star artifacts are class-specific – for instance, a knight cannot use a thief artifact.

Finally, re-rolling may consume considerable time to achieve optimal results. Sometimes, it may be more satisfying to secure a strong 5-star and then proceed to relish the game.

4-Star Tier List and Recommended Re-Rolls for Beginners

Among the 4-star units, a few come highly recommended for re-rolling:

S Tier – Angelica and Achates

These are particularly advisable if you’ve already secured a 5-star DPS.

Angelica: She boasts robust heals on her S2, which scales with her HP. However, her main advantage lies in her S3, providing an AOE heal, shield, and a two-turn immunity, preventing debuffs. The soul burn extends her S3 by an additional two turns, proving extremely useful across various contents.

Achates: This hidden gem’s S2 can heal, reduce the cooldown by one, and render a unit invincible. Her S3 is an AOE heal and cleanse on a three-turn cooldown. This allows for an AOE heal and cleanse every two turns, making her a worthy healer to acquire.

Karen/Cidd: These units offer impressive DPS – Karen boasts one of the highest burst potentials, and Cidd provides one of the greatest sustained DPS. Both units offer a defense break, an important debuff in the game. They are worthwhile additions to your roster.

Clarissa: She presents decent AOE skills and a self-attack and speed buff upon killing enemies. A reasonable farmer unit with a two-turn defense break on her S1, she is versatile for use in PVE and PVP.

Substitute Units for 5-Star and 4-Star Characters

Farmer Units

The recent introduction of a new 3-star water farmer unit named Lena has changed the dynamics of the game. She’s an exceptional farmer with a short animation on her AOE, which resets on kill. Her S2, a passive, offers 50% additional critical chance, simplifying gear choices. Another upside is her requirement of stigma, rather than the more difficult-to-obtain molagora used for 4-star and above units. This new addition challenges the status of Sez and Clarissa as top farmers, as Lena is a compelling alternative.

Healer Units

Specialty change is a series of quests unlocking an evolution of a 3-star unit, requiring the unit to be level 50 and several specific quests to be completed. Certain 3-star healers fit the bill here.

Angelica Montmorancy, evolved from Montmorancy through a specialty change, is one of the best Soulweavers in the game, often replacing Angelica in mid to late game. She requires considerable time and spirit stones, and specific artifacts to truly excel. She’s worth considering, despite not being beginner-friendly.

Another potential healer, Mascot Hazel, also undergoes a specialty change to provide decent support and healing. She is particularly potent when paired with fire units like Ken or Ravi, providing various benefits such as an enhanced attack buff, combat readiness, and healing. However, to maximize her potential, she needs to be paired with a team of fire units. Her uses are currently limited to Golem and some Guild vs Guild battles, but she is worth considering.

Support Units

While there is no other unit that can reset cooldown, Falconer Kluri (F Kluri), a specialty change of Kluri, is a strong 3-star unit. She provides dispel, provoke, and defense break in one ability, and provides combat readiness to herself or to another rally.

Covenant Summon and Moonlight Units

Sky stones can be used to purchase bookmarks for pulls on a banner or covenant summon. Re-rolling gives you infinite chances to pull on a desired unit’s banner or a moonlight unit in the covenant.

Moonlight units, being either dark or light, have no elemental disadvantages when attacking another unit. However, these units are mostly for PVP and the chances of pulling one is significantly low, hence not recommended for beginners.

Recommended Units for Re-Rolling

Based on this guide, the best units to start with are:

  • Vildred and Angelica
  • Ken and Angelica
  • Vildred/Ken with Angelica or Achates
  • Vildred/Ken with no healer / Any strong 5-star unit with Angelica or Achates

Key Points to Note

Remember that failing battles does not consume energy, and the only penalty is that your party will be at 1 HP after a failed battle. It’s recommended to join a guild as soon as possible to benefit from free stuff and participate in Guild Wars for potential mystic medals. Always check the Labyrinth shop (Huche) every day as it refreshes daily, offering new items that could be beneficial.

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