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An In-depth Guide to Building Relationships in Epic Seven: Maximizing Silk, Yuna & Lorina

Greetings and welcome to our comprehensive guide on forming connections in Epic Seven. Should you find yourself bereft of luck during the initial summoning phase, rest assured, the game offers several intriguing characters you can acquire through forming connections. This guide aims to delineate the units you can gain and provide recommendations on those worth pursuing.

Building Bridges: Characters and Their Strengths

Lorina (Dark 3★) (Highly Recommended)

Lorina undoubtedly takes center stage for those seeking a potent single-target DPS unit. Her capabilities closely rival those of most 4/5★ single-target assailants. Her unique charm lies in her dark attribute, ensuring she incurs no penalties in inflicting less damage due to elemental disadvantage.

For a visual showcase of her might, you can refer to a video featuring a 5★ Lorina meting out damage to Celestial Mercedes under standard difficulty in the 10-10 mission:

Forming Bonds with Lorina: Tasks to Complete

  1. Accomplish 50 Dispatch Missions – This task is straightforward. Persistently execute dispatch missions from your sanctuary’s High Command. Assuming you have level 1 buildings for Administration, Floating Station, and Barracks, we advise undertaking the 1 stamina missions that span over 2 hours. They yield the most lucrative rewards in terms of the cost-effectiveness ratio.
  2. Cultivate 2 MolaGora in the Forest of Souls – While this task is simple, it does require time. MolaGora seeds can be procured from special events, the transmit stone shop, conquest point shop, and guild shop, allowing you to gather up to 3 seeds a week with consistent purchases.
  3. Vanquish 300 Church of Ilryos Devotees – This task requires patience, and we suggest the following regions for it:
    • 4-9 normal. This is a dungeon that requires active participation as it cannot be fully automated. It’s possible to take down 20-35 of them in a single run, ensuring excellent cost/stamina ratio.
    • 4-9 world. This more challenging version also yields Blazing Soul catalysts, essential for obtaining Yuna. However, the grind can be lengthy and challenging.
    • 4-8 normal/world. This stage allows automation and is best if you prefer to avoid manual farming.

Recommended gear set: Attack/Crit or Lifesteal/Crit (Abyss set after clearing floor 35). Lorina’s attack power is considerable, and by undertaking her specialty change, you can enhance her power even further.

Silk (Earth 4★) (Highly Recommended)

Silk emerges as an outstanding PvP speed initiator due to her remarkable speed and her third skill that bolsters her allies’ speed. Her first skill scales with speed, and her second skill, a passive, reduces enemy combat readiness upon attack, giving your team a greater number of turns in the long run. She is primarily beneficial in Abyss towers and PvP, making her a viable candidate for Banshee Hunt should you need speed support.

Bonding with Silk: Tasks to Accomplish

  1. Elevate 7 Hero Friendship to Level 4 – To accomplish this, engage your Heroes in farming at Stage 1-5 (which only costs 2 stamina). To exit the Portal, use Waypoint. This process yields nearly thrice the effect compared to normal stages. Bear in mind that this strategy can be employed for other connections like Jecht.
  2. Establish Friendships – Set up your Supporter Team and utilize the services of strangers’ supporters before sending them requests. Patience is key; you will eventually succeed.
  3. Present a Gift to a Hero – Complete the Daily Mission and sell natural 3 Star characters. However, be sure not to dispose of Kluri, Tiera, Hazel, or any character you wish to utilize in the future.
  4. Annihilate Special Creatures in Adventure – The Azimanus in stages 5-1 or 5-2 (Dungeon) are your targets. Refer to the section below to locate these monsters.

If your preference is for automated farming, go for 5-1. Alternatively, if you’re inclined towards manual farming for a higher yield per run, opt for 5-2. Another option is stage 3-2.

Recommended gear set: Speed/Hp for Arena, Speed/Crit for PvE

Hazel (Flame 3★) (Highly Recommended)

Hazel is a gateway to obtaining Yuna, which we will discuss in the subsequent section. She can also be secured through a lucky covenant summon.

As a healer, Hazel is quite commendable, providing a 2-turn team attack buff + heal, which proves incredibly handy in PvE and lower-tier arena PvP. As per the official Facebook post, Hazel is due for a specialty change, which means she will only grow stronger, akin to Kluri’s transformation to Falconer Kluri.

Hazel also serves as an adept golem farmer with her skill set. Her primary skill inflicts a 35% heal block, which can be useful against the tree minion’s mid-battle healing tendencies.

Hazel’s Tasks: Forming a Connection

  1. Conquer Abyss Floor 20 – This task demands patience, as you can only advance through 3 Abyss floors each day.
  2. Offer Prayers to a Goddess Statue 80 Times – These statues can be easily located during your Labyrinth runs, regular map, or special event runs. They merely require some time.
  3. Eradicate 300 Mysterious Magic Test Subjects – This task calls for a minor grind. The ideal area for farming these little broomsticks is 2-1.

Recommended gear set: Attack/Hp

Yuna (Ice 5★) (Highly Recommended)

Yuna, the only natural 5★ in the connections list, is a versatile character. Her second skill offers an attack buff + speed. Her first and third skills can serve as AoE or single target attacks. Classified as a support attacker, Yuna can be integrated into Wyvern teams and proves useful in Abyss towers and Labyrinth raids, providing your team with more turns before the enemy strikes.

Yuna’s Connection Tasks

  1. Attain Friendship Level 3 with Hazel – To begin this quest, you need to first acquire Hazel. You can opt for a quick 1-5 run for friendship points or level her as usual.
  2. Present Ultra Fang Catalysts – 6-1 exclusively drops Ultra Fangs as their catalyst. 5-7 is another good alternative. Multiple maps drop the Ultra Fangs, but these two are most commonly used.
  3. Provide 6 Twisted Fang Catalysts – 8-s2 is the map most players prefer. Alternatively, 8-4 has higher chances to yield the Twisted Fang.
  4. Donate 3 Blazing Soul Catalyst – 4-9/World difficulty is the only place to acquire this catalyst. Each run takes about 5 minutes on auto mode.
  5. Eliminate 800 Machinery – 2-9 (Normal) yields 18 kills per run through the dungeon, costing 10 stamina. Alternatively, 2-8 requires 8 stamina, yielding 9 kills.

Recommended gear set: Speed/Hp for PvP or Attack/Crit for PvE

Let’s further unravel the art of forming connections in Epic Seven by exploring some other intriguing characters. These characters, just like Lorina, Silk, Hazel, and Yuna, are integral to the game and your success.

Stitching the Bonds: Characters and Their Potentials

Aither (Ice 3★)

Aither, whose gender remains a mystery, comes to you at the game’s outset following the completion of the 1-2 normal mode adventure. Serving as a commendable starting healer, Aither might fade into obscurity once you secure other healing characters like Hazel, Angelica, Achates, Lots, or Destina. Nonetheless, Aither retains utility, especially if you’ve been unfortunate in acquiring good healers.

My advice would be to elevate Aither to 5-star until you manage to pull one of the other exceptional healers mentioned. Later on, you can either feed Aither to the light version (Guider Aither) or use Aither to craft a 6-star unit. Aither proves to be incredibly useful in the early game during normal adventure mode.

Recommended gear set: Attack/Hp

Alexa (Ice 3★)

Alexa emerges as an excellent starter unit. Her second skill can inflict 2 stacks of poison, proving handy against Wyvern or other high HP bosses that are not of the Earth element. Although her damage output may not rival Sez or Karin, Alexa serves as a decent attacker.

Cultivating Connections with Alexa: Tasks to Complete

  1. Triumph over The Sword Training Ground of Labyrinth – Conquer Zone 2 of the Tirel Castle in Chaos.
  2. Exterminate 200 Monsters in Adventure – You can choose any map!
  3. Present 1 Small Sun Badge Crystal – Many areas drop these. Here are some locations to find them: 3-7, 3S-3, 4-2-8, 4-2-9, 7-6, 9-1-3, 9-1-4, 9-1-5, 9-2-10, 10-1, 10-3, 10-5, 10-7, 10-9, 10-S1

Recommended gear set: Attack/Crit or Crit/Crit/Crit

Jecht (3★)

Jecht is often underappreciated due to his 3-star status, but he holds his own. In fact, a player from the Korean server cleared the Abyss floor 80 using Jecht, which you can see in this video.

Jecht’s second skill resembles the artifact Wonderous Potion, removing one debuff from you or an ally. His third skill provides team regeneration and speed buff, while his first skill decreases enemy hit chance.

If you’re unable to pull decent healers, Jecht can effectively maintain your team’s health.

Jecht’s Tasks: Creating a Bond

  1. Camp in the Labyrinth 10 times – This task can be accomplished in 10 days if performed daily.
  2. Aid Guild members 100 times – This task could be slightly tricky as everyone needs catalysts and upgrade materials in the early stages.
  3. Eradicate 300 Wild Animals – This task is easy and can be achieved in regions 1 and 2.

Recommended gear set: Speed/Hp or Hp/Hp/Hp

Elson (3★)

Elson was once a sought-after unit until nerfs were implemented due to his over-performance for a 3★ unit. Even after the nerfs, he remains a viable choice as his third skill provides a crucial attack + defense buff. It does have a considerable cooldown of 6 turns, which can be reduced to 5 turns with skill upgrades.

Elson’s Connection Tasks

  1. Reach Account Rank 5 – Level up to achieve this!
  2. Complete 30 Battles with a Supporter – Choose any and befriend the strong ones!
  3. Gift 300 Stigma – These can be acquired through adventure mode and Abyss tower.

Recommended gear set: Speed/Hp or Hp/Hp/Hp

Cartuja (4★)

Due to the prerequisite of securing Jecht first, Cartuja’s acquisition becomes challenging. Cartuja serves as a tank bruiser that scales with HP. His attack increases when his health falls below 50%. The more he gets attacked, the more turns he takes, making him an excellent character for arena battles.

Connection Tasks for Cartuja

  1. Complete 50 Urgent Missions – These tasks can take a considerable amount of time as they randomly appear during adventure or special event maps.
  2. Reach Friendship Level 6 with Jecht – This can be a time-consuming task, but the adventure 1-5 method can expedite it.
  3. Gift 800,000 Gold – The task is self-explanatory.
  4. Eliminate 600 Bellmice – For this, I recommend stages 3-3 (either normal or world difficulty).

Recommended gear set: Hp/Hp/Hp or Hp/Def/Def

Crozet (4★)

Crozet is a defensive tank that can protect teammates with barriers. His skills include decreasing attack for 1 turn, creating a barrier passive that activates when an ally’s health falls below 50%, and an AoE combat readiness decrease against enemies.

Crozet’s Connection Tasks

  1. Eliminate 90 Elite Monsters in the Labyrinth – You should aim to combat the Labyrinth’s mini-bosses with a golden aura.
  2. Reach Devotion Skill Grade S with 5 Heroes – You will need to use 3-star heroes for this task, which could be a tedious process.
  3. Gift 6 Order of the Shield Insignia Catalysts – You can farm these at 6-2, 6-3, or 6-10.
  4. Eliminate 600 Undead – For this, stages 3-5 and 3-7 are recommended as they yield the Bone Flaked Bone catalyst.

Recommended gear set: Hp/Def/Def

Maya (4★)

Maya is a tank with single-target crowd control abilities. Her first skill can stun, her second skill stuns with an 80% chance, and her third skill is a team defense buff with an AoE provoke. She proves especially useful in the arena!

Connection Tasks for Maya

  1. Reach Gold III League in the Arena – You might need a well-rounded 5★ team with an attack buff and defense break to achieve this.
  2. Eliminate 200 Boss Monsters in Adventure – If you farm catalysts, aim for boss maps.
  3. Reach Level 40 with 10 Heroes – You can achieve this simply by playing the game and leveling heroes.
  4. Gift 6 Blessing of the Orbis Catalysts – My personal favorite is 4-10. Other easy maps include 1-6, 1-7, and 2-1.

Recommended gear set: Hp/Def/Def or Counter/Def

This completes our comprehensive guide on connections in Epic Seven. I hope you find this information beneficial!

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