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Confronting the Most Challenging Abyss Floors in Epic Seven

Abyss floors form the pinnacle of content for truly dedicated Epic Seven players.

The Automaton Tower, a fitting name indeed, can be completed on auto by veterans, utilizing just a single Soul Weaver and trio of Rangers across its 25 floors.

However, even with superior gear, proficient units, and an exhaustive character roster, the unpredictable and gruelling challenge of Abyss remains undaunted. Over time, Abyss stages have transitioned from tactical decisions to randomized occurrences, demanding significant investments of time and patience.

Now, one might ask, which Abyss stages present the most formidable challenge?

Let’s embark on a retrospective journey of Abyss stages that are notorious roadblocks, unless luck shines upon you.

The difficulty of the floors is not always linear – although floor 120 is more challenging than floor 100, we take into account the strength of your account at the point you reach these levels, or how challenging they were at their debut before subsequent tweaks made them easier.

6. Floor 100

Knowledge is power on Floor 100. With a clear strategy, this level doesn’t pose an extraordinary challenge.

However, it holds a formidable reputation as one of the most drawn-out PvE Abyss levels ever conceived.

Here, you face off against Ras, Mercedes, and Aither, along with an unyielding Tenebria. The challenge lies in identifying the optimal target among the three characters, vanquishing them, and moving on to the next adversary.

Once you have a winning strategy against these foes, it essentially becomes a war of attrition – any misstep sends you right back to the floor’s starting point.

5. Floor 86

As of now, Abyss goes up to floor 120, yet floor 86 is indelibly marked as the first substantial hurdle within this domain.

If you’re playing strategically and using poison strategies with Kiris, you may speed through Abyss 1-85.

However, this could be the first stumbling block in your quest for those coveted gold transmits and the thirteenth copy of Elson.

In Abyss 86, you encounter Ken and ML Ken, accompanied by a volatile mushroom. Should this mushroom detonate, your entire team suffers substantial damage.

The solution seems simple – eliminate the mushroom and subsequently, the boss.

Yet, the complexity arises when the mushroom, upon death, resurrects with full HP. This forces you to strategically decide when to absorb the explosion damage and when to boost your defenses and heal.

Rest assured, this won’t be the last time a volatile mushroom thwarts your Abyss journey.

4. Floor 90

Master the technique and Floor 90 loses much of its intimidation.

Nonetheless, it has garnered a reputation as one of the lengthiest Abyss stages, known for tarnishing the PvE experience of Epic Seven.

In Floor 90, you once again face Ras, Mercedes, Aither, and an unassailable Tenebria. Identifying the right target, defeating them, and moving on to the next opponent is the key challenge.

Once the strategy is in place, it transforms into a battle of attrition where a single misstep forces you to restart the floor.

3. Floor 119

Some players contend that Abyss floors 111–120 are less challenging than their predecessors. However, there is an increased emphasis on using specific units in these later Abyss levels.

The deployment of Taranor Guard and Kitty Clarissa, for instance, can ensure a victory on the first attempt at Abyss floors 111–120.

While strengthening a three-star unit like Taranor Guard or Kiris in Abyss proves advantageous – as every player possesses at least one copy – this strategy also necessitates the use of an ML 4-Star (pre-pity), an aspect considered somewhat ruthless.

Increasingly, it is disheartening to observe how more PvE content gradually diminishes the utility of certain units.

Epic Seven offers a plethora of characters, each boasting a unique set of skills – provoke, defence break, stun, sleep, to name a few. But these abilities lose their effectiveness in the latter Abyss stages.

Furthermore, it appears that characters like Kiris, Dizzy, and Tamarinne, who simplify Abyss considerably, are unjustly targeted. The enemies are rendered immune to poison, multiple debuffs, or have passive reactions based on non-attack skills.

In Floor 119, you encounter Kawerik who not only snatches your buffs and transfers his own debuffs but also summons Liches. These foes inflict damage, but only Soul Weavers can annihilate them. Kawerik’s kit effectively counters numerous units, making it nearly impossible to defeat him.

2. Floor 102

Floor 102 stands out as an Abyss level largely governed by randomness.

This level houses Celine and a few robots. Celine’s unique trait is her shifting attack pattern, targeting characters based on their stats – highest attack, highest HP, and so on. This seemingly logical mechanism lends an intriguing dynamic to the game.

The strategy thus revolves around strategically determining who Celine will attack at each moment, often putting your damage dealers in jeopardy to land a substantial hit.

However, once Celine reaches a particular HP threshold, she unleashes a torrent of attacks on random team members, instantly eliminating them.

Unless you have Roana or Specter Tenebria at your disposal, you are left at the mercy of fate. If Celine targets your sole weakness, your run inevitably comes to an abrupt halt.

1. Floor 105

Arguably the most formidable Abyss floor ever devised is Floor 105.

The stages from 100 to 110 appear substantially more challenging than those that follow. While floors 110–120 are undeniably agonizing, the preceding ones were notably tough to navigate at the time of their release.

Floor 105 presents you with BBK and two sentinels.

The preliminary phase of this fight is challenging, as Scorpetra can obliterate your frontline in a single strike.

If you manage to reach BBK, she erects a reflect every time a non-attack skill is used. This turns healing into a risky endeavor during the fight.

To prevent her from eliminating debuffs, you must inflict damage on the sentinels. The objective is to accomplish this before turn 12, failing which BBK will annihilate your entire team.

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