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Epic Seven – Mastering the Game with Ultimate Tips and Tricks

Epic Seven currently ranks high in the realm of RPGs, thanks to its user-friendly interface and immersive gameplay. Its widespread popularity emanates from its approachability to all kinds of players and the feasibility of progressing in the game without spending money. That being said, to enhance your gameplay and fast-track your progression, we’ve curated this definitive guide packed with insightful tips and tricks.

Here’s your roadmap to conquering Epic Seven, without splurging a dime! The only prerequisite is adherence to the straightforward steps delineated below.

Crafting Your Dream Team

As a novice in the realm of Epic Seven, the plethora of choices can be overwhelming. It might be tempting to continuously reshuffle your team based on the new characters you receive. However, it’s prudent to resist this temptation and focus on creating a diversified team, proficient in handling monster battles and competent against other players.

Consider assembling your team with a Knight at the front, a Warrior, Ranger, and Mage forming the middle row, and a Soul Weaver at the back for support. With Knights boasting the highest defenses in the game, they’re ideal frontline candidates, while the Soul Weaver at the back is indispensable for providing crucial buffs and healing support.

A well-rounded team can combat any opponent and adeptly adapt to varying circumstances.

Prioritize Story Progression

Venturing further into the storyline is not merely an exciting journey but a lucrative one. The deeper you delve into the narrative, the more rewards and special items you accumulate. It’s also instrumental in unveiling additional features indispensable for completing daily tasks. Thus, prioritizing the storyline at the earliest sets the stage for a smoother journey.

If you opt for the auto-battle mode, vigilance is key to ensuring your heroes don’t inadvertently miss any chests or critical items. Also, remember to choose a player supporter to rack up friendship points which can be redeemed for items later.

Engage in the Daily Battle Mode

Daily Battle Mode in Epic Seven is a veritable treasure trove of diverse game modes, offering a multitude of valuable items and resources. Take The Hunt, for example, which provides three dungeons to choose from, with drops that can be used for crafting equipment.

Game modes such as The Abyss and The Spirit Alter are equally rewarding, offering a wealth of rewards and the opportunity to awaken your heroes. Hence, participating in as many daily battle modes as possible is a smart strategy.

Accelerate Progress by Joining a Guild

Joining a guild might seem like an obvious step, yet it is one that bears reiteration due to the immense benefits it offers. Guild membership brings with it rewards like brave crests and gold for merely logging in. Additionally, guilds provide weekly missions that, when completed, yield generous rewards.

By actively contributing to your guild’s growth through aid and donations, you help not only the guild but also yourself, as the guild’s growth equates to more benefits for you.

Remember, success in Epic Seven is not about spending money but about strategic gameplay and making the most of available resources. Armed with these tips, you’re ready to navigate and conquer the enthralling world of Epic Seven.

Establishing an Effective Daily Routine

Optimizing your daily grind in Epic Seven entails adopting a recommended daily routine, designed to maximize energy, items, and rewards. As mentioned earlier, this becomes significantly easier once you have progressed in the story.

Here’s a blueprint of the ideal daily routine for Epic Seven:

  • Complete your Daily Reputation (Mission)
  • Spend 100 friendship points (40 energy)
  • Allocate 100 friendship points to purchase 5 Conquest Flags
  • Expend 30 conquest points to purchase 40 energy
  • Accumulate daily rewards from in-game events
  • Enter the Labyrinth if you possess a 3/3 Compass
  • Manage your Sanctuary
  • Check-in to your guild, donate gold and provide aid if feasible
  • Defeat an NPC Team in the Arena
  • Find Huche and acquire his goods (Charms, MolaGoraGo, Covenant Marks, etc.)
  • Use all 3 Abyss Entrances in The Abyss, and Purify if you’re unable to defeat the next floor
  • Cater to your Pet house and your pets

The Importance of Frequenting the Shops

Make it a habit to visit all in-game shops, ranging from the standard store to the traders you encounter along your journey, as well as the Secret Shop featured on your main screen. The Secret Shop can be upgraded using gold provided your account level meets the prerequisites.

Each upgrade escalates the quality of the goods available in the Secret Shop. Hence, ensure to check this shop daily alongside your visits to other in-game shops.

Regularly Monitor Your Reputation and Mail

Keep an eye on your Reputation and Mail for any notifications as they might carry free rewards that are best claimed immediately. Frequently checking your reputation can provide insights into available tasks that can be completed to augment your heroes.

Your Mail, on the other hand, contains daily login rewards, free energy, and other gifts, which make regular checks imperative. Be aware that each reward only stays in your mail for 6 days. Therefore, it’s advisable to claim them as soon as the notification appears to avoid oversight.

The Strategy of Resetting and Rerolling

Rerolling, a familiar concept among Gacha game enthusiasts, allows you to redraw your initial characters if they fail to impress. Essentially, it’s a complete game reset, which in Epic Seven, is a far more convenient process than most Gacha games.

To reroll, log into the game with a guest account. If unsatisfied with your starting roster, navigate to the settings menu and select the “Reset” button. This action will reset your game, enabling you to reroll. Once satisfied with your chosen team, you can link your email address or Stove Account and embark on your journey with the heroes of your choice.

Adopt these strategies, and you’ll quickly rise through the ranks in the captivating world of Epic Seven.

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