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Epic Seven Soul Weaver Tier List: Deciphering the Best Heroes to Invest in

Epic Seven, with its amalgamation of captivating anime aesthetics and ingenious mechanics, is celebrated as one of the most intricate role-playing games of our time. Anxiously awaited by global gaming enthusiasts since its debut in 2018 by the esteemed publishers Smilegate Megaport, this game was masterfully developed by the South Korean creative moguls, Super Creative.

This sophisticated role-playing game offers six distinctive classes and this particular discussion zeroes in on the Epic Seven Soul Weaver class, offering an in-depth tier list to guide your character investments.

Delving into the World of Epic Seven

Assume the mantle of a Covenant heir, a creation of the Goddess of Creation, Diche, in Epic Seven. Your character is predestined to battle the formidable Archdemon. The cyclical destruction of the world by the antagonist is thwarted each time by Diche, who saves humanity via a world reset. As these cycles progress, Diche’s power wanes, culminating in the current 7th reiteration of the world. Now, the responsibility of world defense and hero team assembly falls on your capable shoulders.

In alignment with current role-playing games, Epic Seven capitalizes on Hero-Collecting role-playing mechanics, employing the gacha system. You are entrusted with managing up to four unique heroes, strategizing and battling against adversaries using turn-based mechanics. The six available classes in Epic Seven—Knight, Ranger, Thief, Soul Weaver, Warrior, and Mage—each brandish distinct battle skills and stats, offering a competitive edge with appropriate utilization. However, this piece concentrates specifically on the Epic Seven Soul Weaver class, spotlighting the most formidable heroes worthy of inclusion in your team.

Understanding Epic Seven Soul Weavers

The absence of an Epic Seven Soul Weaver hero in your team leaves it subpar in terms of competitiveness and efficiency. Revered as the team’s linchpin, these heroes bestow valuable support skills, including healing, barrier creation, stat buffs, and revival. If your aim is to flourish in the game and conquer enemies expeditiously, investing in a robust Epic Seven Soul Weaver hero is a strategic imperative.

Typically, Epic Seven Soul Weavers are classified into two categories: the Tank Soul Weavers and Fast Soul Weavers. Tank Soul Weavers come into their own during the initial and mid-game stages, positioned at the forefront to soak up damage. Boasting an impressive array of defensive stats and extended cooldown spells, these heroes offer crucial support in battles. High-profile Tank Soul Weavers include Destina, Angelica, and Ruele of Light.

Fast Soul Weavers, in contrast, are lauded for their unparalleled speed. Unlike their Tank counterparts, these heroes come equipped with short cooldowns, potent spells, and offer an advantageous buff, making them a preferable choice from the outset. Some popular Fast Soul Weavers encompass Diene, Angelic Montmorancy, Achates, and Tamarinne.

Epic Seven Soul Weaver Tier List: Selecting the Ideal Heroes for Investment

Out of the 33 Epic Seven Soul Weavers available in this game, identifying those worth your investment can be challenging. Let the ensuing Epic Seven Soul Weaver Tier List guide your selection process, offering you insights on the best Soul Weaver heroes to augment your team.

In this elaborate tier list, Soul Weavers are systematically categorized into five distinctive tiers: S, A, B, C, and D. While S-Tier heroes represent the crème de la crème of Soul Weavers, D-Tier signifies the least powerful ones. Without further ado, let’s uncover the mightiest Epic Seven Soul Weavers!

S-Tier Epic Seven Soul Weavers: The Game Changers

Reputed as the most formidable, the S-Tier heroes are a valuable addition if you’re aiming to construct an invincible team, capable of vanquishing any opponent. Investment in this category promises immense returns. The noteworthy S-Tier heroes are:

  • Roana
  • Ruele of Light

A-Tier Epic Seven Soul Weavers: The Reliable Force

In the absence of S-Tier heroes, you can leverage the reliable strength of the A-Tier Epic Seven Soul Weavers. Competitive and formidable like their S-Tier counterparts, these heroes ensure swift victory. Furthermore, their acquisition is generally simpler than the elusive S-Tier heroes. The A-Tier lineup includes:

  • Tamarinne
  • Angelic Montmorancy
  • Angelica
  • Blaze Dingo
  • Achate
  • Ray
  • Main Chloe
  • Shooting Star Achates

B-Tier Epic Seven Soul Weavers: The Solid Choice for Beginners

For novices venturing into the world of Epic Seven, B-Tier heroes are often the first acquisition. Although not as powerful as S and A Tiers, these heroes, when adequately upgraded, offer a significant edge. Here’s the lineup for B-Tier:

  • Mascot Hazel
  • Diene
  • Destina
  • Blood Moon Haste
  • Magic Scholar Doris
  • Lots
  • Rin

C-Tier Epic Seven Soul Weavers: The Initial Stepping Stone

C-Tier heroes make for a perfect start in your Epic Seven journey. While they facilitate initial game progression, it’s advisable not to remain reliant on them. Gradually transition to superior-tier heroes for tackling more challenging battles. The C-Tier roster includes:

  • Sinful Angelica
  • Elena
  • Requiemroar
  • Emilia
  • Sonia
  • Aither
  • Kizuna AI
  • Lucy
  • Ainos
  • Shuna

D-Tier Epic Seven Soul Weavers: The Underdogs

Positioned at the opposite end of the spectrum from the S-Tier, D-Tier heroes lack the raw power of the superior tiers. In the event of acquiring these heroes, it’s recommended to replace them with stronger alternatives as soon as feasible. The D-Tier lineup includes:

  • Doris
  • Jecht
  • Montmorancy
  • Elson
  • Desert Jewel Basar

So, there you have it, a comprehensive Epic Seven Soul Weaver Tier List to guide your Soul Weaver selection for your ultimate hero team.

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