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An In-depth Examination of Equipment Enhancement and Upgrades

In the fascinating world of Epic Seven, mastering the art of equipment enhancement is a fundamental step to assert your superiority. This guide will walk you through the critical processes of equipment upgrading, with a meticulous focus on the selection of appropriate fodder equipment or charms, discerning between advantageous and disadvantageous substat rolls, and ensuring optimal hero equipment.

Uncovering the Hub for Equipment Enhancement

The journey of equipment enhancement begins in your Inventory, accessible from the Lobby Screen. This digital repository holds all your treasured collections, including weapons, armour, helmets, boots, and more. Choose an equipment piece that you wish to augment.

Upon selection, an Overview Screen reveals essential information about the gear, such as the main stat, substats, and set type. A simple click on the “Enhance” button opens the gateway to empowering your equipment.

The Battle of Efficiency: Charms vs. Fodder Equipment

Improving your gear is exclusively reliant on two mediums: Charms or Feeding Equipment. The primary distinction lies in the associated gold cost.

Charms are generally a more cost-effective method for equipment enhancement. Contrarily, although Fodder Equipment demands a higher gold cost, they offer their own unique advantage. Fodder Equipment is commonly found, making it easier to farm than even the Lesser Charms.

Enhancing Your Gear: Handy Tips to Navigate

As you sail through the Epic Seven seas, keep these navigational tips close to your heart:

EXP Bonus Chance

Unexpected bonuses may grace your journey, drastically boosting your gear’s EXP gains. While this mechanic is independent of skill and occurs infrequently, it significantly reduces the gold expenditure required for equipment enhancement.

Equipment Rarity

Five types of equipment rarities exist in Epic Seven:

  • Normal (Gray)
  • Good (Green)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Heroic (Purple)
  • Epic (Red)

Remember, with every 3 Levels, each equipment piece either acquires a new Substat or enhances an existing one. The rarity of the equipment directly influences the additional Substats.

As an illustration, pre-existing substats on Heroic or Epic gear only improve, rendering them more powerful and specialized than lower rarity equipment. Hence, your investment should be skewed towards high-level Heroic and Epic Equipment.

In contrast, Rare, Good or Normal items should primarily be sold for gold, extracted for cores, or used as Fodder Equipment.

The Power of Fodder Equipment and Charms

As we delve further into the nuances of equipment enhancement, let’s take a moment to emphasize the role of Fodder Equipment and Charms. Fodder Equipment, though slightly more expensive in gold cost, offers its distinct advantage. They are far more common and easier to farm, even more so than the Lesser Charms. Conversely, Charms serve as a more cost-efficient resource, making them an attractive option for players operating on a tighter budget. Balancing the use of these two crucial resources, depending on the circumstances, is pivotal to your progression in Epic Seven.

Embracing the Element of Surprise: EXP Bonus Chance

In the unpredictable world of Epic Seven, surprises often come bearing gifts. Specifically, the sporadic occurrence of EXP Bonus Chance. While this event is entirely random and unrelated to a player’s skill level, its impact on your journey is significant. It provides a considerable boost to your gear’s EXP gains, thereby reducing the amount of gold needed for equipment enhancement. Embracing this element of surprise, although sporadic, can be highly advantageous.

Navigating Through the Spectrum of Equipment Rarity

Differentiating equipment based on rarity is a cornerstone of the Epic Seven experience. Five rarities characterize the equipment spectrum – Normal, Good, Rare, Heroic, and Epic. With each increase in level (in multiples of three), every piece of equipment gains a new Substat or strengthens an existing one. The higher the rarity, the fewer additional Substats you’ll gain, which denotes that pre-existing Substats on higher rarity gear are reinforced, making them stronger and more specialized. This understanding of equipment rarity can drastically impact your strategy, steering you towards high-level Heroic and Epic Equipment.

The Crucial Decision: Determining Reforge-Worthy Equipment

Last but not least, let’s discuss the importance of discerning the worthiness of equipment for reforging. The general rule of thumb is that gear with at least six rolls is considered apt for reforging. However, this decision is subjective, dependent on the player’s judgment. A gear is usually deemed worthy of upgrading and reforging if it possesses more than one desirable stat or houses the desired sets. This subtle art of discernment can be the defining factor in your equipment management strategy in Epic Seven.

The Art of Discerning Reforge-worthy Equipment

Determining the worthiness of gear for reforging often boils down to its substat rolls. Usually, gear with at least six rolls is deemed eligible for reforging. However, the ultimate decision rests upon the player’s discretion.

Keep in mind, gear is often worth the upgrade and reforge if it possesses more than one desirable stat or features the desired sets. A useful rule of thumb can be:

  • Less than 5 rolls – Below average
  • About 5 rolls – Average
  • More than 5 rolls – Above average

This comprehensive guide is designed to illuminate the path of equipment enhancement in Epic Seven. By understanding and implementing these strategies, you can elevate your game and equip your heroes to conquer any challenge thrown at them.

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