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Mastering the Art of Gold Farming: An Expert Guide to Spending Your Gold Wisely in Epic Seven

Delving into the realms of Epic Seven, gold emerges as a scarce commodity, its rarity intensifying as one delves deeper into the complex layers of the game. Initial stages may shower you with abundant gold via adventure rewards and mission goals, but as you transition to advanced stages, requiring you to modify, craft, or remove high-level gear, you’ll notice your gold reserves diminishing at an alarming pace.

One of the most common pitfalls faced by players is frivolous expenditure of gold on unimportant upgrades early in the game. This guide will elucidate the art of judicious spending, ensuring you arrive at the endgame with an ample gold reserve to bolster the gear that truly matters.

Acquiring Gold: Strategies to Maximize Earnings

Here are some methods you should adopt in order to maintain a healthy gold income:

1. Adventure Mode

Adventure mode bestows gold upon completion of a map, offering additional bonuses like equipment drops, bonus gold drops, and treasure chests packed with extra gold. Your gold income experiences a steady ascent as you progress past the normal mode in Adventure, especially when selling level 44 equipment.

My preference leans towards stages offering epic catalyst drops due to their rarity and the lengthy time required for drops.

Emergency Mission (Bounty Hunt)

As you amass more adventure missions, sporadic emergency missions will appear. Pay attention to the “Bounty Hunt” mission as it provides an extra 50k gold. Others worth noting include:

  • Catch Phantasma: Offers 1 gold phantasma
  • Kill Goblin Thief: Awards a random rare catalyst
  • Goblin Treasure Chest: Can now drop 60-80 epic necklace/rings


Normal adventure maps offer mazes that require manual navigation. Some maze maps, despite their time-consuming nature, offer remarkable drops and gold. Noteworthy are the multiple chests in mazes, which can yield gold, skystones, bookmarks, and additional equipment.

For those willing to dedicate time to this process, the benefits are considerable. The likes of 9-4 Normal (Fire based enemies) and 10-3 Normal (Fire-based enemies with a few dark ones) are promising, especially for those with a water farmer like Sez or Clarissa.

2. Abyss Tower

A boon for early game players, Abyss Tower offers a substantial source of gold necessary for upgrading the lifesteal set, a reward for climbing it. The gold is dispensed at specific floors:

  • Floor 15: 200 skystones, 200k gold
  • Floor 26: 750k gold
  • Floor 30: 300 skystones, 300k gold
  • Floor 45: 500 skystones, 500k gold
  • Floor 46: 1.5 million gold
  • Floor 60: 1000 skystones, 1 million gold
  • Floor 66: 3 million gold
  • Floor 75: 1500 skystones, 1.5 million gold
  • Floor 85: 3 million gold, 5 molagoragos

Reaching floor 45 with a team of level 50 characters is reasonably straightforward, rewarding you with an early 1 million gold.

3. Selling Penguins

Penguins, primarily meant to boost character experience, are often sold by players for gold, thanks to the game’s slow character-leveling pace. Penguins can be cultivated in the Forest of Souls (120 stigma) and through special events. Here’s what you can earn from selling penguins of various rarities:

  • 1 star penguin: 6000 gold
  • 2 star penguin: 18000 gold
  • 3 star penguin: 54000 gold, 1 transmit stone

Remember, in the early stages, using penguins to level up your main team is beneficial. However, as your PvE team reaches level 50, selling 1 star penguins becomes a viable strategy.

4. Heart of Orbis

The Heart of Orbis presents a long-term gold and skystone investment opportunity. Early in the game, two buildings are worth investing in:

  • Cradle of Life: Allows gold and skystone storage (up to 36,000 gold)
  • Benedictory Sanctum: Offers triple rewards (up to 50% chance)

Upgrading these buildings to level 3 ensures a daily collection with a 50% chance to earn triple rewards, resulting in 108,000 gold if the bonus reward chance is triggered.

5. Boss Hunt

Boss Hunt 11 is a lucrative source of gold income, offering generous gold amounts, level 85 equipment drops (more gold!), and other resources such as powder of knowledge, skystones, and mystic bookmarks.

Equipment selling prices vary:

  • Level 70 blue equipment: 5000 gold
  • Level 70 heroic equipment: 7500 gold
  • Level 70 epic equipment: 12500 gold
  • Level 85 blue equipment: 10000 gold
  • Level 85 heroic equipment: 15000 gold
  • Level 85 epic equipment: 25000 gold

Although you wouldn’t sell usable epic equipment, consistently selling equipment can generate extra gold. Assume you carry out 100 runs of Wyvern/Golem/Banshee 11, you could accumulate:

  • 30,000 gold x 100 = 3 million gold
  • 30 Level 70 Blue/Heroic equipment~175000 gold
  • 30 Level 85 Blue/Heroic equipment ~ 350000 gold

Consequently, you’ll amass approximately 3.5 million gold using 2000 energy, translating to about 1762.5 gold per energy—an impressive rate, especially considering the additional skystones, mystic stones, covenant bookmarks, and powder of knowledge you’ll obtain.

6. Dispatch Missions

If you’re open to sacrificing spirit stones or conquest points, the dispatch mission emerges as a viable gold earning method. The most energy-efficient mission, costing a mere 1 energy and taking only 2 hours, becomes accessible after upgrading to the level 1 building. Although time-consuming, consider this a long-term investment yielding:

  • 9500 gold (with 40% reward bonus) = 13300 gold
  • 4 times daily, 5 days a week = 266000 gold weekly

This may not seem substantial, but with a cost of only 20 energy weekly, it’s a commendable return, boasting an unmatched gold-per-energy ratio of 13300.

7. Automaton Tower

Refreshing each month, the Automaton Tower grants gold for each floor you conquer. This accumulation of gold, alongside other treasures, serves as a monthly income boost.

Wise Gold Spending Strategies

Erroneous spending can create severe setbacks in the later game stages. Here’s a strategic breakdown of how to make your gold work for you:

  • Upgrade equipment only when it hinders story mode progression
  • Enhance Abyss equipment (the tier 57, 71, and 85 sets)
  • Improve level 70-88 equipment with good substats (with at least 2 desired sub-stats)
  • Promote Unit/Fodder
  • Purchase covenant bookmarks from the secret shop
  • Craft Accessories and Boots (endgame)

Upgrading equipment is a massive gold sink in Epic Seven. Having climbed the Abyss up to 80, you will have collected 3 lifesteal sets for 3 damage dealers, sufficient to clear most game content, excluding maybe Hell Raid.

When targeting quality right-side % equipment for your characters, consider farming the Great Farche Labyrinth Zone 2-5. This stage drops level 45 speed/crit/hit rate accessories, offering mid-level Hp/Atk/Def/Crit percentage gear, providing the boost to attempt the regular raid once equipped decently.

Priorities (Upgrade 4 Sets)

Ideally, focus on upgrading 4 core sets for your main team to conserve gold. Progressing through the Labyrinth, you will start picking up decent temporary items that are usable until the endgame.

Swapping gear in the late stages of the game can be costly, especially for level 70-88 equipment. Therefore, planning ahead to ensure that equipment stays on a specific character can significantly reduce gold spent on gear switching.


In conclusion, smart management of gold resources can significantly affect your game progression. Remember to:

  • Conserve gold and spend it primarily on upgrading temporary gear from the Labyrinth and Adventure Mode
  • Farm adventure modes that offer gold and epic catalysts
  • Execute Bounty Hunt emergency missions for an extra 50k gold
  • Conduct the highest Boss Hunt you can and sell all unnecessary gear
  • Collect daily gold from the Heart of Orbis
  • Aim to complete at least Abyss Floor 30 in the early game. Purify daily for extra gold if stuck on a floor
  • Sell 1/2/3 star penguins for gold
  • Perform 2 hour or 6-hour dispatch missions for additional gold

Adherence to these practices should steer your journey towards a prosperous gaming experience, ensuring you enjoy the thrill of the game without the stress of inadequate resources.

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