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Navigating the Epic Seven Battlefield: Strategies to Overcome ML Ken

Embarking on the journey to counter ML Ken in the realm of Epic Seven can be challenging, yet intriguing. Numerous strategies are available to challenge this imposing foe, with a multitude of Heroes ready to be deployed. However, the most effective tactic often involves eliminating him with a single, powerful strike. Let’s dive deeper into the range of possibilities.

Your Knight in Shining Armor: Little Queen Charlotte

Top among the contenders to take down ML Ken swiftly is the striking Little Queen Charlotte. Her prowess lies in her ability to deal additional damage to Dark Heroes. Remarkably, when she employs her third skill against a Dark Hero, the resultant effect is an increase in damage inflicted on all adversaries based on her Attack stat.

Beyond Little Queen Charlotte, an array of Heroes also possesses the potential to obliterate ML Ken in one shot. The list includes Challenger Dominiel, Dark Corvus, Watcher Schuri, Cermia, Inferno Khawazu, Ervalen, Specimen Sez, Yufine, and Hwayoung.

Exploring Other Tactics: Viable Alternatives

While swiftly dispatching ML Ken is undeniably the most efficient strategy, an array of alternative tactics to counter this formidable Hero exists.

Strategy 1: Utilizing the ‘Cannot Be Countered’ Skill

Certain Heroes in Epic Seven are endowed with skills that cannot be countered, a feature that should be leveraged to bypass ML Ken’s lethal passive skill. Specter Tenebria, for instance, possesses a first skill that deals colossal damage and is impervious to counter-attacks. When amplified with Soul Burn, she earns an extra turn, enabling you to overcome even the sturdiest ML Kens. Other Heroes with this particular prowess include Landy and Pavel.

Strategy 2: Harnessing ‘No Critical Hits’

ML Ken’s counter-attack is triggered when he is subjected to a critical hit. As such, deploying Heroes that do not rely on critical hits offers a safe and assured pathway to neutralize him, sparing your prized units. Notable contenders in this regard are the damage-based Sage Baal and Sezan, as well as Last Rider Krau. Gunther and Senya are also commendable choices.

Furthermore, applying debuffs like Burns or Bombs can yield fruitful results. Heroes such as Researcher Carrot and Seaside Iseria excel in this strategy. Remember, though, that a considerable number of ML Ken builds today favor Effect Resistance. Thus, you must ensure high Effectiveness on your debuffers to successfully land these debuffs.

Strategy 3: Deploying Debuffs

Infiltrating ML Ken with debuffs can be a tricky endeavor. However, the use of Heroes that can ignore Effect Resistance, or those possessing exceptionally high (200%+) Effectiveness, can successfully incapacitate ML Ken.

Heroes equipped with the ability to disregard Effect Resistance and hence CC ML Ken include Elphelt, Operator Sigret, Cerise, and Falconer Kluri. Other heroes who can stun, provoke, blind or inflict multiple debuffs on ML Ken include Archdemon’s Shadow (ML Mercedes), Benevolent Romann, Crescent Moon Rin, Dizzy, Briar Witch Iseria, Fairytale Tenebria, and Troublemaker Crozet. A broader spectrum of Heroes can also apply debuffs, but the ones listed above remain the most potent.

Embarking on this expedition to counter ML Ken in Epic Seven will undoubtedly be challenging, yet rewarding. Whether you opt for a swift attack or a strategic play, ensure you harness the capabilities of your chosen Heroes to their fullest. After all, even the most daunting foes can be conquered with the right strategy.

Strategy 4: Employing Damage Mitigation

Sometimes, you might find yourself in an unavoidable situation where you have to trigger ML Ken’s potent counter. In such cases, your best bet might be damage mitigation.

Heroes possessing the ability to provide party-wide defense buffs, like Alencia, shine in these scenarios. Heroes such as Adventurer Ras have a unique knack for providing a substantial barrier to the rear-row ally when subjected to severe single-target attacks.

Equally effective are invincibility and healing techniques that recover or negate ML Ken’s damage. Heroes who are known for such skills include Elena, Faithless Lidica, Fallen Cecilia, Crimson Armin, and Emilia.

Strategy 5: Applying Anti-Crit

Anti-Crit buffs, reducing the chance of your Hero suffering a Critical Hit, have seen a resurgence of popularity recently. These buffs effectively diminish the threat of ML Ken’s counter-attack.

Heroes known for their Anti-Crit abilities that you may want to consider include Diene, Mort, and Choux.

Strategy 6: Counter Attack

Employing counter attacks provides an interesting dynamic – counters do not trigger on counter attacks. Thus, turning ML Ken’s ability against him may be a strategic move. Eventually, ML Ken will have to take a turn, and when he does, your counter units may seize the opportunity to unleash their abilities, safely terminating his reign.

Heroes known for potent Counter attacks include Rem, Rimuru, Charles, Ilynav, ML Ken, and Seaside Bellona. Mercedes, when upgraded, can initiate her “Magic for Friends” ability when the team suffers a Counter attack, making her an exceptional damage dealer capable of inflicting significant damage whenever ML Ken counters.

Strategy 7: Leveraging Evasion

With the old adage, “you can’t hit what you can’t see,” evasion units laugh in the face of ML Ken’s counter-attacking passive.

Evasion units of note include Violet, Remnant Violet, Holiday Yufine, Mirsa, Assassin Cartuja, Kayron (Moonlight Dreamblade), Arbiter Vildred (Moonlight Dreamblade), and Tempest Surin (Moonlight Dreamblade).

Strategy 8: Masochistic Approach

In a unique twist, some Heroes in Epic Seven actually benefit from being hit. Whether it’s artifacts triggering when attacked or abilities growing stronger when on low health, ML Ken’s Counter could unexpectedly transform into an advantage.

Heroes falling into this category include General Purrgis, Kayron (Counter Set), Maid Chloe (Water’s Origin / Idol’s Cheer), Ruele of Light (Water’s Origin / Idol’s Cheer), Krau, Roana, Tempest Surin, Ravi, Apocalypse Ravi, Yulha, and Lionheart Cermia.

Note: While Lionheart Cermia and Roana do not necessarily relish direct damage, their passive abilities are triggered when suffering an additional or counterattack. This makes them quite effective against Heroes like ML Ken.

In the end, your approach to countering ML Ken in Epic Seven is only as limited as your tactics. It’s all about strategizing, analyzing your Hero’s strengths, and maximizing their potential. Choose your heroes wisely, and may victory be yours!

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