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The Comprehensive Kayron Guide: Mastering PvE and PvP Encounters


This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on the myriad uses of the compelling character Kayron across various game content, with a strong emphasis on his strategic deployment in PvP battles. In recent times, Kayron has found renewed popularity within the meta, following updates to the game’s content and a shift in player tactics at the game’s upper echelons. The introduction of exclusive equipment and his adaptation to the changing game landscape have significantly contributed to his resurgence. Those who need clarification on multipliers and damage calculations may refer to this exhaustive guide:

Understanding Kayron’s Abilities

Survival Instinct: Skill 2 (S2) Kayron’s S2 is a game-changer. It grants him an immortality buff that prevents him from being reduced below 1HP, thus saving him from an otherwise fatal blow. This critical buff facilitates his AoE S1 attack while maintaining his life. The cooldown, however, is prolonged and unlikely to trigger more than once during a PvP confrontation.

A Bane to Foes: Skill 1 (S1) Kayron’s S1 possesses an AoE with a 50% chance of inducing blindness, adding to your opponent’s uncertainty. Considering the 15% scaling, its multipliers (ATK0.851*1.871) are fairly reasonable. When enhanced with a soulburn, it morphs into a potent AoE attack.

Single Target Nuke: Skill 3 (S3) Kayron’s S3 is a high-impact single target attack with enormous utility. It inflicts substantial damage (ATK1.70.9*1.871 with up to 30% scaling) while extending buffs on a kill and granting an additional immortality turn via S2. If opponents neglect Kayron, he can utilize the extended cooldown with no adverse effects.

However, challenges persist. For instance, if Kayron is afflicted with a debuff, his damage potential plummets, making it unlikely for him to extend his immortality. Hence, equipping slower Kayrons with an immunity set is essential to maintain his efficacy when his turn arrives and potentially for the next turn, owing to extended immunity.

Countering Kayron’s Weaknesses

Three strategies can effectively counter Kayron’s immortality: buff block, stall, and dispelling his immortality. The buffer block strategy prevents his immortality from being activated. Immunity offset could be a plausible workaround for this, especially against opponents like Basar who possess a 50% miss chance due to elemental advantage.

The stall strategy, often employed in the ice meta, inhibits Kayron from extending his immortality past the first turn. Without high-quality gear, he struggles to defeat tanky units and has an elemental disadvantage against meta characters like SSB, Montmo, Dizzy, and so on.

Lastly, simply dispelling his immortality exposes him to vulnerability. Notably, the most effective dispellers, Basar and Charles, who are earth heroes, provide Kayron with a 50% dodge chance.

Unpacking Kayron’s Base Stats

Kayron boasts the highest base speed in the game, with an impressive 129 speed that escalates to 161 after a speed set. The recent trend of equipping Kayron with full damage gear and adopting a turn 1 build, primarily targets the Basar meta, causing a ripple of uncertainty amongst opponents. With a 21-speed advantage on ML Lots, it can be a formidable tactic.

Kayron’s attack stat, 1119, is somewhat serviceable, slightly falling below the average for a damage dealer, but it’s impressive considering his speed. He trumps both assassins, Cidd, and Coli. His survival stats are largely irrelevant, with a commendable 5340 base hp but a lackluster 483 defense.

Exclusive Equipment: A Game-Changer

Kayron’s exclusive equipment has been pivotal in his resurgence, satisfying his stat demands. The main stat offers up to 12% crit rate, compensating for the compulsory immunity set. Balancing the speed set and two crit sets can prove to be game-changing when building damaging turn 1 characters.

The ideal choice for speed Kayron is silence and 10% additional damage on S3. For slow Kayron, depending on your gear and the heroes you commonly encounter, silence might be preferable. The rationale behind the additional 10% damage is to aim for a kill rather than merely inflicting silence.

Suiting Up Slow Kayron

The immunity set is indispensable and irreplaceable. Prioritizing immunity over stats is a sound strategy. Destruction is the perfect choice for damage maximization, with attack being an acceptable alternative. Nevertheless, it might not be worthwhile sacrificing speed for a minor stat boost. Some players opt for lifesteal to prolong Kayron’s survival in extended battles. While it might seem plausible, in PvP it does not hold enough value due to Kayron’s fragility and potential decrease in damage output.

It’s universally acknowledged that speed is king. Hence, I would recommend a speed set, considering your gear allows it, as it gives a staggering 161 base speed. This is comparable to Crimson Armin with a speed set and 85-speed boots.

Your top priority should be maximizing damage with a standard 85-100% crit rate, 250+ crit damage, 4000+ attack, though more might be desirable as you ascend in the arena. A dash of effectiveness can prove to be beneficial, particularly if you’ve selected silence, to counteract any season 2 gladiator gear.

Setting Up Turn 1 Kayron

The silence exclusive equipment is crucial for stopping their booster if you fail to secure a kill. Prioritize speed set, coupled with crit set, focusing on speed substats and as much offensive power as you can manage, with a touch of effectiveness. However, bear in mind, this build requires a speed of 250+ and strong offensive stats to be effective, which might not be feasible for newer or lower elo players.

Skill Enhancements and Memory Imprints

The skill enhancements and memory imprints needed for Kayron’s skills are as follows:

S1 requires 13 mola, 11 rare catalysts, and 2 epic catalysts for +30% damage dealt and +15% effect chance.

S2 necessitates 7 mola, 8 rare catalysts, and 3 epic catalysts for a -3 turn cooldown.

S3 demands 13 mola, 11 rare catalysts, and 2 epic catalysts for a -1 turn cooldown and +40% damage dealt.

Initially, max out S3, then proceed with S1 to maximize damage output. Enhancing S2 has minimal impact on PvP and should be ignored. Your resources would be better invested elsewhere.

Kayron’s Memory Imprint requires 4 man HP% or self-attack% using an Ego fragment. Avoid wasting your slates here, but if you happen to have spare Kayrons, 90% of teams will benefit from imprint concentration.

Exploring Options

Dust Devil: Can trigger a double cleave on S1, potentially dealing substantial damage. Score: 7/10

R&L: This can be a trap, as it might only spend your immortality. However, it can be outstanding on speed Kayron when it works. Score: 4/10 (or 8/10 on speed)

MLDB: Pairs well with Assassin Cartuja and has high roll potential, particularly against earth heroes. Score: 7/10

Alexa’s Basket: A viable choice offering Kayron the damage boost he needs with a 40% greater attack buff. This could be the optimal choice for fast Kayron. Score: 7/10

Violet Talisman: A possible option for speed Kayron. It has high roll miss potential, which can accumulate up to 30%, a noteworthy figure. Score: 7.5/10

Pure Damage (Tonfa, Portrait, Elyha’s): All are strong options, providing consistent offensive power. Score: 7.5/10

Midnight Bloom: Kayron, with his immortality, is a good holder. It reduces stat requirements, which is excellent for speed Kayron. Score: 5/10 to 9/10, depending on your team.

Kayron’s Role in PvE

Kayron serves as an excellent Golem 11 damage dealer, thanks to his single target nuke that significantly damages the golem on a defense break. His immortality makes him very safe in all content.

As a farmer, Kayron, with an immunity set and skills off, will always trigger his S1 AoE for the FIRST turn in EACH wave. He’s a competent fire farmer if he can kill the wave in a single attack, but he is outshined by both Vildreds.

In raids and abyss, Kayron’s immortality provides safety, but his below-average morale and long cooldowns render him mediocre.

Kayron’s Usefulness in PvP, Synergies, and Team Compositions

In arena offense, Kayron holds his own, although he struggles against SSB and extremely tanky teams. Speed Kayron can be used effectively against Basars and other speed defenses. In arena defense, Kayron shines by deterring attackers who may fear speed Kayron. Basar players might often avoid you due to the risk of missing Kayron.

Kayron pairs well with Elena, who can grant him invincibility extendable by his S3, leaving his immortality passive untouched. This resets his cooldown for S3, enabling another single target nuke into buff extension.

Teaming Kayron with Maid Chloe allows the extension of the revive buff, protecting him over a longer turn count. The revive buff permits an AoE on S1, and coupled with the attack buff provided by Maid Chloe, Kayron can output significant damage.

He performs well in GvG, although not as optimal as in other meta defenses. Kayron proves to be a formidable contender in World Arena / RTA. His speed threat keeps opponents on edge, and countering a late-picked Kayron can be challenging.


In conclusion, despite the somewhat disadvantageous meta, Kayron has proved his mettle in high-level PvP and has shown effectiveness in almost all PvE content. His exclusive equipment has afforded him the necessary stats to emerge as a great unit. Kayron promises to be a force to reckon with in RTA, potentially even ascending to the top tier.

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