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Unearthing Wealth in Epic Seven: A Comprehensive Guide to Optimal Gold Farming

Among the myriad ways of accruing wealth in Epic Seven, gold farming emerges as a particularly significant strategy.

Establishing Gold Mines: Prime Locations and Techniques

There exists a multitude of locales conducive to gold farming, however, two methods consistently yield substantial returns – exploiting the “Blessing of Wealth” events and making use of the Sanctuary’s Heart of Orbis Hunt Stages.

Nevertheless, other lesser-known methods are also deserving of attention. This guide will elucidate the myriad avenues to amass gold, for even divergent techniques can amass a considerable gold hoard over time.

Heart of Orbis: Your Passive Gold Mine

The Sanctuary’s Breath of Orbis is undoubtedly the premier choice for passive gold and Skystone farming. Daily visits to collect your rewards can substantially boost your coffers.

Pro Tip: For optimal returns in Gold and Skystones, aim to fully upgrade the Breath of Orbis (9/9 Levels) as soon as feasible. This will amplify the capacity and generation speed of your Breath of Orbis, and also increases the likelihood of claiming double rewards every time you collect the resources.

Embarking on Hunts for Gold

Hunts represent another potent gold farming strategy, capable of dropping significant quantities of gold and resources, granted you possess the necessary firepower. This strategy is particularly beneficial for seasoned players who have assembled the right units, providing not only a gold windfall but also equipment that can be sold or invested in. For instance, the Wyvern Stage, commencing with Stage 11, can yield up to 12,000 gold per run.

Pro Tip: During Hunt Stages, wait for a “Blessing of Wealth” buff – this will markedly enhance your gold accrual per clear.

Trading Fodder Equipment for Gold

An often-overlooked strategy is to sell off redundant equipment. This is a commonplace resource that can be found across all game modes, so don’t hesitate to sell.

Fodder Equipment can also be utilized to upgrade higher-tier gear, though this comes with a hefty gold price tag.

Pro Tip: Regularly sell uncolored (normal) and green (good) equipment. High-level blue (Rare) and pink (Epic) gear can provide equipment set cores, while selling Red (Legendary) fodder equipment is a cheaper way to accumulate gold.

Abyss Purification: A Simple Path to More Gold

Purifying the Abyss Tower stands as an easy pathway to garner more Gold and Stigma. Each day, you receive 3 Free Daily Tokens, and the higher your Tower level, the greater the Gold gain per purification.

Pro Tip: Purify the Abyss Tower daily as often as you can. Even if you find yourself stuck at a specific floor, purification remains viable. Certain floors yield particularly substantial gold rewards upon clearing.

Here’s a handy guide to some of the floors with gold rewards:

Floor Gold Additional Rewards
15 200,000 200 Skystone
26 750,000
30 300,000 300 Skystone
45 500,000 500 Skystone
46 1,500,000
60 1,000,000
66 3,000,000
75 1,500,000 1,500 Skystone
85 3,000,000 5 MolaGora Go

High Command Missions: The Path Less Trodden

Although High Command missions in the Sanctuary yield comparatively fewer gold returns on a daily basis, they remain a viable option for accruing additional wealth while simultaneously training your lower-level characters.

Pro Tip: For each High Command mission, prioritize characters with the requisite skills. This strategic selection enables easier accumulation of more EXP and Gold post-mission.

Gold Farming: Insider Tips & Strategies

Boosting your gold reserves necessitates mindful practices:

  • Selection of Lobby Pets
  • Guild membership for Gold Buffs
  • Vigilance for Events

These tactics could potentially cushion your gold reserves during lean periods, considering the omnipresence of gold usage in the game.

Lobby Pets: Unlikely Gold-Makers

Securing effective Lobby pets might prove challenging, but the rewards can be substantial. Lobby pets possessing skills aiding in gold earnings or savings can become your saviors.

Generally, you should opt for pets that can enhance selling prices or reduce costs.

Pro Tip: Pets, irrespective of their rarity or skillset, offer gifts containing abundant gold and other valuable resources. Ensure to house one in your lobby at your earliest convenience.

Guild Membership: The Golden Perks

Joining an active guild can augment your gold production with additional buffs like Blessing of Wealth and Blessing of Knowledge.

This means Hunt Stages, Adventure Stages, and even Event Stages can yield increased gold drops!

Pro Tip: Frequently donate to your guild. Guild buffs are purchasable solely with guild currencies, acquired only by donating to the guild.

Event Alertness: The Gold Diggers’ Paradise

If you are open to investing Stamina beyond Hunts and Adventure Stages, clearing Event Stages might appeal to you.

Notably, most Events feature an S. Goblin’s Den stage, capable of funneling substantial gold into your account. However, be mindful that this stage is a one-time endeavor. After claiming the Gold rewards, you cannot revisit it.

Pro Tip: Most events host Exchange Shops, allowing trade of Event Currencies for Gold. It is advisable to exhaust the purchase of rarer or crucial items before venturing into this exchange.

Other Gold Farming Techniques

A few more methods to augment your gold farming strategies include:

  • Heart of Orbis Enhancement: An upgrade to the Heart of Orbis can boost the Gold you receive.
  • Event Limited Stages: Keep an eye out for events with lucrative rewards.
  • Repeat Battling: While Gold is not incredibly difficult to obtain, accruing substantial quantities may require grinding. Repeat battles are useful for continual farming if you’re otherwise engaged. Remember, the Repeat battle feature is accessible only after unlocking the Pet system.

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