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Unraveling the Mysteries of Epic Seven: An Extensive Breath of Orbis Guide

In the immersive world of Epic Seven’s Sanctuary, opportunities for enhancement abound. Here, every building your team requires can undergo a transformation – morphing from passively generating gold and skystones to birthing phantasms, reforging gear, and facilitating numerous lucrative strategies. However, initially, these structures are at their rudimentary level, offering minimal features.

The panacea to this situation is a rare item, the Breath of Orbis. This guide seeks to navigate the various ways you can utilize these resources to boost your structures optimally, aiding character improvement and illuminating where in the game’s campaign you can amass additional points.

Hierarchy of Sanctuary Structures

As you gain your initial points, a plethora of choices open up to you. Herein, we will dissect these structures, advising on when and how much to invest in each.

Forest of Souls

The early stages of the game demand that your characters ascend to higher star tiers. To accomplish this, you require a surplus of Phantasms, obtainable from the Forest of Souls. We recommend channeling your first three points into the Soul Isle Extension, thereby augmenting the number of creatures you can nurture concurrently, ensuring a steady supply of food for your gameplay.

  • Probability Blessing: Boosts chances of acquiring higher tier Penguins. Low to medium priority.
  • Soul Isle Extension: Permits the nurturing of numerous creatures simultaneously. High priority.
  • Time Blessing: Trims down the time required to nurture a creature. Extremely low priority.
  • Suggested Final Investment: 3/3/0.

Heart of Orbis

At a cursory glance, the Heart of Orbis might appear inconsequential – a bit of gold and three Skystones? But don’t be fooled by appearances. With strategic upgrades, it morphs into a solid source of passive income. Our advice is to utilize the next nine Breath of Orbis to fully augment this building.

  • Cradle of Life: Amplifies storage capacity for gold and Skystones. Highest priority.
  • Mirror of Light: Accelerates the generation of gold and Skystones. Highest priority.
  • Benedictory Sanctum: Enhances the probability of gold and Skystones doubling upon redemption. Utmost priority.
  • The frequency of your interactions with Epic Seven can adjust your investment in the Heart of Orbis.

Check the main page of the building for the countdown to when the storage is at capacity. If your check-ins are infrequent, you might consider reducing your reliance on the Cradle of Life.

  • Proposed Investment: 2/3/3 or 3/3/3

High Command

For novices, High Command may seem like an alluring prospect, offering 2,500 EXP and 16,500 gold for a mere four energy. Tempting as it might be to repeat this, seasoned players recognize the true value in the Hunt and War Missions, which yield ten Ancient Coins and ten Conquest Points, respectively.

  • These items can be challenging to acquire, making a passive income source for a single energy extremely valuable.
  • Hunt Missions: Opens up more missions for administration.
  • Adventure Missions: More can be unlocked with the Floating Station.
  • Barracks: Unveils additional War missions.

By allocating a single point to each category, you unlock these cost-effective and beneficial missions. Any further investment would be redundant.

  • Recommended Investment: 1/1/1

The realm of Epic Seven offers a vast array of potential for growth and development. The judicious use of the Breath of Orbis can transform your game, making the journey through the Sanctuary a victorious one. Play smart, and the world is yours for the taking.

Steel Workshop

As you inch closer towards the endgame, the search for the optimum gear and its subsequent rerolls becomes crucial. The Steel Workshop, where this takes place, can be momentarily disregarded while you’re engrossed in leveling up and wrapping up the campaign.

  • Extend Workshop: Trims down the gold required for crafting and reforging.
  • Artisan’s Furnace: Increases the likelihood of an item being Heroic or Epic.
  • Blacksmith’s Dormitory: Reduces the quantity of crafting materials required. Doesn’t influence reforging mechanisms.

When you’re primed to commence crafting at the endgame level, prioritize leveling up the Artisan’s Furnace to maximize the value derived from your efforts.

  • Suggested Investment: 3/3/3

Alchemist’s Steeple

With Alchemist’s Steeple, you’re able to craft essentials like charms, catalysts, and specialized gear. This is yet another element of the endgame that can be deferred.

  • Alchemy Academy: Diminishes the gold expenditure for crafting.
  • Laboratory: Enables crafting of a wider variety of items.
  • Ingredient Storage: Enhances the Quality Points of crafted items.
  • Recommended Investment: 0/3/3.

Acquiring the Breath of Orbis

Approximately one stage in each chapter presents an opportunity to attain the Breath of Orbis. More often than not, these lie off the beaten path, necessitating the use of adventure mazes to unlock secondary zones. Currently, a Breath of Orbis can be located in the stages mentioned below, identifiable by their diamond shapes.

To secure the item, make sure to navigate through the Chaos Gate, which compounds the challenge by adding two more enemy encounters and a boss encounter, effectively doubling the stage length.

  • Chapter and Stage Locations: 1-9, 2-S6, 3-S3, 4.1-S6, 4.2-S12, 5-S6, 6-S5, 7-S6, 8-S3, 9.1-S3, 9.2-S6, 10-S3

Post the main story, venture into the Unrecorded History Side Story, where an additional 12 Breath of Orbis can be garnered.

  • Unrecorded History Locations: 1-S3, 2-S6, 3-S3, 4.1-S6, 4.2-S12, 5-S6, 6-S6, 7-S6, 8-S3, 9.1-S3, 9.2-S6, 10-S3

Finally, explore Cidonia Adventure Mode, requiring 400 AP to purchase Breath of Orbis from AP Exchange Shops.

  • Cidonia Locations: Chapters 1, 3, 5.1, 6, 8

A cumulative total of 28 Breath of Orbis can be amassed to enhance your Sanctuary.

Identifying AP Exchange Shops Selling Breath of Orbis

Just examine their Main Items! Some AP Shop requirements could be time-consuming to fulfill. Hence, it’s advisable to inspect each region’s primary products before commencing.

Navigating the Item Guide

The Item Guide serves as a compass pointing towards the Breath of Orbis in each Adventure Stage. If the Main Story maps in Adventure have been cleared without unlocking any of the Stages dropping Breath of Orbis, the Item Guide will prove invaluable.

Simply tap on any Stage in the list, and you’ll be whisked there automatically. You can access the Item Guide by attempting to upgrade a building without any Breath of Orbis in your inventory.

With strategic investment and judicious exploration, the Breath of Orbis can drastically boost your gameplay in Epic Seven. Adventure, upgrade, and conquer the world. The Sanctuary awaits your triumph.

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