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Unveiling Chloe: The Comprehensive Guide

The pursuit of selecting units in any game is often guided by an amalgam of factors. Some gamers look for strategic prowess, seeking to conquer the Guild War, Arena, or RTA; others aim to expedite their hunt journeys, aspire to assemble a potent raid team, or simply succumb to the charm of an appealing character design.

In such a vast ocean of reasons, your affinity towards the eerily delightful Chloe could have a rightful place. Chloe’s signature move, the Magic Nail ability, can transform any skirmish with a million HP unit into an ultimate endurance contest: “Survive X Turns”. It stands as one of the game’s limited irresistible status effects, bypassing the universal 15% effect resist, thus ensuring a reliable debuff whenever needed.

Not to downplay her other attributes, Chloe also boasts tremendous multipliers on her skills and soul burn. A plethora of recorded instances showcase her dealing over 130,000 damage to units, a testament to her capability to generate staggering damage numbers.

However, like any coin has two sides, Chloe’s prowess is marred by her inconsistent performance in PVP, particularly when compared with other single target nukes such as Yufine, the preferred choice against omnipresent foes like Seaside Bellona and Charles. With all factors held constant, Yufine invariably outdamages Chloe on the initial turn and even gets an extra turn on her soulburn. Chloe can only outshine Yufine when she secures an extra turn from Magic Nail, which has a 50% chance of occurrence. It’s akin to battling Violet and Assassin Cartuja each time you deploy her.

Evaluating Chloe’s Place in Selective Summons

Chloe reigns as one of the superior choices for Selective Summons. Most five-star units in the selective pool have been outclassed over time, leaving Chloe’s unique Magic Nail ability, an unrivaled attribute ideal for high-end PVE content, to shine.

Contrary to the outdated “Reroll until you get Angelica + Vildred!” strategy, the current meta favours cleansing over immunity. Many players argue that Angelic Montmorancy performs at par, if not better, than Angelica. In contrast, Lena, a three-star pool unit, can challenge Vildred’s position as a top-tier farmer.

However, one must not misinterpret this to mean Chloe is an indispensable “S tier selective summon unit”. It’s merely a reassurance if you’re ambivalent about retaining a selective roll with Chloe included.

Deciphering Chloe’s Base Stats (Fully Awakened)

  • Attack: 1177 (Above Average)
  • Defense: 553 (Below Average)
  • HP: 5542 (Average)
  • Speed: 119 (Exceptionally High)
  • Critical Chance: 27 (Above Average)

Chloe’s exceptional base speed facilitates a faster cycling of her skills or even allows her to compete against CR pushers like Auxiliary Lots. Most Chloes are built to exploit her monumental skill multipliers, creating a synergistic effect between her 3.5x multiplier on soul burn, a flat 35% bonus if the target is under the effect of Magic Nail, and her naturally high offensive stats. This configuration allows Chloe to deliver a one-shot kill in every hunt, rendering gameplay both facile and enjoyable.

Optimal Chloe Builds: Puppet Master Extraordinaire

  1. Attack/Critical set
  2. Destruction/Critical set
  3. Rage/Critical set

Key Artifacts: Uberius’ Tooth, Creation & Destruction, Daydream Joker, Alencinox’s Wrath Artifact. Opt for the 50% extra turn Exclusive Equipment for maximal efficiency.

Once Critical Chance is elevated to 100%, either via gear or with the aid of Midnight Bloom, Furious, or Challenger Dominiel, the priority shifts to augmenting Attack% and Critical Damage. Effectiveness is generally redundant on Chloe unless using her Exclusive Equipment that either strips buffs or applies Defense Break. Since Magic Nail cannot be resisted, there is no requirement for that stat.

Team Compositions for Optimal Chloe Utilization

For Hunts:

  • High Priority: Attack Up, Defense Break, Target
  • Situational: Critical Boost, Tagahel’s holder, Combat Readiness Push

Example Teams:

  1. Rose (CR Push, Atk boost), Wanda (Target – Can hold Song of Stars), Luna (Def break), Chloe (Lead Damage Dealer)
  2. Auxiliary Lots (CR Push, Atk boost – Can hold Tagahel’s), Furious (50% critical chance, Def break – Can hold Song of Stars), Chloe (Lead Damage Dealer), with a flexible fourth slot for a healer or cleaver, etc.

For PVP:

  • High Priority: Combat Readiness Push, Attack Up, Tagahel’s Ancient Book
  • Situational: Defense Break, Buff Strip, Critical Boost

Example Teams:

  1. Auxiliary Lots (CR Push, Atk boost – Can hold Tagahel’s), Chloe (Lead Damage Dealer)
  2. Basar (Buff strip, CR Manipulation – Can hold Tagahel’s), Tywin (Defense break OR Attack/Crit/CR boost OR both, if soul burned), Chloe (Lead Damage Dealer)

Remember that Chloe’s success in PVP is a high-risk, high-reward proposition. She requires extensive support to be effective, and if not properly set up with a Magic Nail, Yufine can outperform her. However, when deployed strategically, she can obliterate a unit in one shot, making her a game-changing asset.

Pacing with Chloe: High Velocity High Impact

An impressive 229 Speed when Ranon is fully charged makes Fast Chloe a valuable asset for Azmakalis and Abyss.

Fast Chloe:

  • Speed/Critical set
  • Speed set

Key Artifacts: Ranon’s Memorandum (PVE), Uberius’ Tooth, Creation & Destruction, Daydream Joker. Opt for the 50% extra turn Exclusive Equipment for optimal results.

Much like the nuke build, attaining 100% critical hit chance remains paramount. Beyond this, speed should be prioritized. Attack and critical damage retain their importance as multipliers require a base. With a +30 Ranon and a speed set, Chloe can outspeed most units.

Ideal gear will exhibit attributes such as Speed, Atk%, Critical Chance, Critical Damage.

The Fast Chloe Teams:

For Hunts:

  • High Priority: Defense Break
  • Low Priority: Attack up, Target

Example teams:

  • Angelica (Heal, Tank), Luna (Def break), Chloe (Damage Dealer)
  • Tywin (Buff, Tank, Defense Break), Montmorancy (Healer), Taranor Guard (Defense Break), Chloe (Damage Dealer)

In Wyvern, Fast Chloe aids in quicker debuff application for Autobattle. Her speed also allows low-level units to chip in damage safely.

For Raids:

  • High Priority: Healing, Debuff removal, anything to help survive a long match.
  • Also: Immunity, Defense boost, Revival

Example Teams:

  • Achates (Healer, Debuff strip), Aither (Healer, Debuff strip), Ravi (Tank, AoE for Karkanis), Chloe (Damage Dealer)
  • Angelic Montmorancy (Healer, Debuff strip), Angelica (Healer, Immunity – Useless against Karkanis), Ravi (Tank, AoE for Karkanis), Chloe (Damage Dealer)

For PVP:

  • High Priority: Attack Up, Tagahel’s Ancient Book
  • Situational: Defense Break, Buff Strip, Critical Boost

Example Teams:

  • Rose (CR Push, Atk boost), Chloe (Damage Dealer), Challenger Dominiel (CR push, Critical boost – Can hold Tagahel’s)
  • Alencia (Def boost, Debuff strip), Chloe (Damage Dealer), Melissa (Double Attacks, lures blue units)

Remember, Chloe’s deployment in PVP is high risk, high reward. Her success hinges on activating the 50% extra turn on her EE and necessitates extensive support.

Introducing Chloe: The Defensive Dynamo

If you’re bold enough to adopt this unconventional approach, Tank Chloe will not only confound your opponents but also help you triumph in the most formidable abyss floors.

Tank Chloe:

  • Speed/EffRes set
  • Speed/HP set
  • Speed set

Key Artifacts: Ranon’s Memorandum (PVE), Strak’s Gauntlet, Creation & Destruction, Daydream Joker Artifact. Opt for the 50% extra turn Exclusive Equipment.

The ideal gear for Tank Chloe will focus on Speed, EffRes, Defense%, and HP%.

Tank Chloe’s unique approach serves two primary functions: perplexing your opponent and ensuring survival in Abyss. While you may sacrifice a few thousand points of damage, the increased survivability of Chloe ensures the Magic Nail’s persistence, securing your victory in otherwise unwinnable battles.

In RTA, opponents expecting a heavy nuke from Chloe may be surprised when she survives their initial onslaught, disrupting their strategy and offering you an unexpected advantage.

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