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Unveiling the Secrets of Epic Seven: Mastering the Art of Boss Hunts in this RPG

Evolving and fortifying your characters in Epic Seven is a non-negotiable aspect, particularly if your goal is to ascend quickly in this immersive role-playing game. As the complexity of battles escalates with your leveling up, it becomes paramount not just to enhance your characters’ skills, but also to procure formidable gear and equipment for them.

But here arises the inevitable question: how do you effectively level up and secure superior equipment? One potential answer lies in Boss Hunt. But, what is Boss Hunt, and how can it aid you in character development and gear acquisition? This comprehensive Epic Seven hunt guide will illuminate this pathway for you.

Delving Into the World of Boss Hunt

Boss Hunt represents a distinct region in Epic Seven, a fertile ground for character cultivation, gear acquisition, and farming. It’s a dynamic arena where you square off against four unique bosses. Most players initiate their journey with the Wyvern Hunt, followed by the Golem Hunt, Azimanak Hunt, and the Banshee Hunt.

Typically, the Wyvern Hunt is the gateway hunt for players, courtesy of its relative simplicity. The Golem Hunt presents more of a challenge but pales in comparison to the Azimanak Hunt. The most formidable among the Boss Hunts is the Banshee Hunt. Each Boss Hunt demands specific strategies and team compositions for a victorious outcome. It’s crucial to remember that each hunt comprises several stages, with difficulty levels escalating as you progress.

Triumphing Over the Wyvern Epic Seven Boss Hunt

The Wyvern Epic Seven Boss Hunt is the designated area for farming the Speed Set, widely regarded as the most vital set in the game. This hunt features two distinct stages. The first, a test stage, pits you against three small snakes and a colossal one. If you struggle to survive and inflict damage during this stage, your chances of overcoming the Wyvern are likely slim.

These adversaries can apply a poison debuff, so it is advisable to include a character capable of providing debuff immunity or cleanse in your team. Following this, you will encounter the Boss Wyvern, immune to certain debuffs like Slow, Stun, Provoke, Decrease Combat Readiness, and Silence. This boss employs three primary attacks: Fire Breath, Tail Swing, and Dragon’s Might. The Fire Breath inflicts poison for two turns, Tail Swing creates a wyvern barrier and removes your team’s buffs, while Dragon’s Might is a potent AoE attack that increases his Dragon’s Rage passive by 30% if you withstand this assault.

For this formidable adversary, ideal characters to incorporate into your team include Angelica for tanking and Dizzy for providing debuff. Complete the team with Taranor Guard for breaking enemy defense and Alexa as your DPS. Alternatively, you could swap Angelica with the Water knight (Crozet/Rose/Tywin/Krau) or replace Dizzy with Aither for healing provision.

Conquering the Golem Epic Seven Boss Hunt

The Golem Boss Hunt is your golden opportunity to obtain health, defense, and attack sets. The health set bolsters the efficiency of your healers, enhancing their healing prowess. This boss hunt unfolds over two stages, commencing with a confrontation against a bee and two turtles. While the bee deploys poison, the turtle inflicts AoE damage and diminishes your attack.

The subsequent stage places you face-to-face with the formidable Golem, accompanied by a healing tree and buff stone. The Golem’s ultimate ability has its cooldown decreased by one turn with each hit he absorbs.

When his power is at its zenith, he retaliates with a stunning counterattack. During his turn, he unleashes an AoE attack capable of stunning and breaching defense. The Buff Stone amplifies the Golem’s attack and defense, while the Healing Tree replenishes the Golem’s health substantially (In Golem 11, the tree can also cleanse debuffs and provide two attack buffs).

Constructing a formidable team for the Golem is somewhat challenging, given the multitude of elements you must contend with in battle. Generally, you’ll require a primary DPS and a healer for this Boss Hunt. The remaining two slots can be filled with sub-DPS or supports, with at least one providing a consistent defense break. It is recommended to include a character capable of providing immunity and casting unhealable, ensuring you inflict substantial damage on the Golem while minimizing his healing potential.

Navigating the Epic Seven Azimanak Hunt

This Boss Hunt enables you to secure the Immunity, Unity, and Rage sets. Although not essential for advancing in the main story, these sets can provide a crucial advantage during PVP and Dual Attack. The primary challenge in this hunt is Azimanak himself, whose Berserk skill provides a significant stats boost every four hits.

Additionally, two Eggs spawn at the hunt’s onset. These Eggs provide an 80% damage reduction whenever they’re up and respawn after Azimanak casts his AoE bleed CD twice. Azimanak boasts a debuff removal passive, eradicating all debuffs once three are applied to him. His ability to silence characters can prove to be a significant hindrance.

Team composition should include two competent DPS characters, one proficient in AoE damage and another specializing in single-target skills. Additionally, you’ll need a support character capable of debuff and buff removal, along with a healer. The AoE damage will handle the spawned eggs, while the single target deals with Azimanak himself.

Triumphing Over the Epic Seven Banshee Hunt

The Epic Seven Banshee Boss Hunt is the gateway to the Destruction, Lifesteal, and Counter sets. Although not immensely popular, the Destruction set can enhance the capabilities of damage dealer characters significantly.

The Banshee presents two phases in battle, splitting into banshees after losing 1/3 and 2/3 of her health. Despite having the lowest health among all bosses, she is far from an easy opponent.

The battlefield is teeming with debuffs such as bleed and curse, making the Banshee a formidable adversary. The battles usually span about 4-minutes, rendering team construction challenging. With the right characters such as Iseria, Yufine, Baiken, Lilibet, or Specter Tenebria, and at least one of Charles, Vildred, Celestial Mercedes, or Arbiter Vildred, you can significantly shorten the battle duration.

For those lacking the above units, your team should comprise two DPS (two AoE or one single target and one AoE character) and two healers primarily focused on cleansing to remove debuffs and curses and healing. Consistent cleansing of debuffs is imperative to avoid a swift defeat.

Wrapping Up

The Boss Hunt in Epic Seven presents an invaluable opportunity to acquire top-notch gear and equipment for your characters. However, conquering the Boss Hunt is no easy feat. Armed with this comprehensive Epic Seven hunt guide, you’re better equipped to vanquish the bosses standing in your way.

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